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Getting Your Skin Prepped For Summer

Summer is now upon us. It might be very tempting to frolic under the sun too much but don't you ever forget to bring and religiously apply sunscreen regularly. Mind you, sunscreen should be your all-year round buddy! To give you superb protection DERMAX Professional offers a sunscreen line specifically formulated for all skin types.

UV Milk Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50 PA ++ has milky touch formula and provides maximum UVA/UVB daily sun protection while UV Gel Water-Based Sunscreen SPF 30+ PA++ provides sun protection for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. This is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. And there's the first of its kind, the sunscreen with "water-burst"technology where it is applied as lotion but will leave a cooling burst of moisture making your skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

These are: UV Baby Water-Burst Sunscreen SPF 30+ PA++ that  offers broad spectrum sun protection and is safe for kids and babies 6 months and older, and UV Active Water-Burst Sunscreen SPF 45+ PA +++ which is a water resistant sunscreen perfect for those with active lifestyles.


Desserts From Mix N Magic

Gensan's favorite cakes and desserts shop, Mix N Magic has opened 2 branches here in Davao City. The first one, opened in Gaisano Mall a few years back, but has recently renovated their space to make it bigger for their growing clientele who love sweet treats like myself. It is located along J.P Laurel Avenue at the lower ground floor, fronting the grocery area.

They have a variety of cakes, rolls, mousse, tarts, cookies, etc to satisfy your cravings for delectable and mouth-watering desserts. They also accept orders for parties and other occasions.
Who can resist the inviting Kit Kat Cake??

Mix 'N Magic's bestseller DECADENCE. It comes in solo, medium (Php550) and large (Php690) sizes. This is solo for only Php 85.


Tips To Get Pregnant

I have a few couple friends who have been wanting to have children of their own. For some, it took only a few months of waiting while the others are still on fertility work-up for years already. 

Many of them who are trying to conceive often wonder when is the best time to seek help from a fertility specialist. Couples are often eager to visit a fertility specialist before they have taken matters into their own hands and tried their best to boost their own fertility. 

Taking charge of your health and your body is key to fertility and all couples should try to do what they can to boost their fertility on their own. 

There are many simple things that you can do to improve fertility in a natural way say the experts at For example, women who are overweight can see their fertility improve by losing as little as five to ten pounds. Men who have fertility issues can see improvements if they stop smoking and drinking. Reducing stress and getting enough sleep are both key to fertility, along with eating healthy and exercising. 


J.CO is Finally Here in Davao!

The wait is finally over as J.CO Donuts and Coffee opened its first store here in Davao City last November 6. Located at the ground floor, park dining of the Ayala Abreeza Mall, J.Co gave a warm welcome to its eager customers on their first day: the first 50 customers got free donuts!!

With J.CO around, we don't have to travel or ask our friends coming from Manila, General Santos City or Cagayan de Oro to bring us these donuts as pasalubongs (gift/present). Until now, the lines are still queuing with J.Co lovers grabbing their favorite donut variants. My favorite and apparently their bestseller is Alcapone. It is a soft-bite signature J.CO donut topped with white Belgian chocolate with sliced roasted Californian almonds. It is best paired with J.CO's signature cappuccino, Jcoccino. 

Bestseller: Alcapone 

My J.CO box <3

J.CO's signature cappuccino, Jcoccino

is known for its innovative varieties of donuts which taste just right, sans the overpowering sweetness. It is the brainchild of Indonesian entrepreneur Johnny Andrean. It first opened in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005. Branches in Singapore and Malaysia have opened up since then while the first Philippine J.CO store opened in 2012.


Basti's Brew Turns 15

There are very few coffee shops which serve good food to go with their delicious cup of coffee.  Here in Davao City, Basti's Brew proudly boasts of these two. As one of the first coffee shops to open in the city, it still holds its charm of being a cozy place for those who love to enjoy their Cappuccino and dine as well. It is also a favorite hangout and meet-up place for businessmen, young professionals and students. And here's a trivia, Basti's Brew was the first ever establishment in the city to offer free wifi connection. (And yes, I remember years ago, they had table design especially made for laptop bringers.)

This year marks Basti's Brew's 15 years of operations, and to celebrate, we were invited to a food feast as owners Randall and Vanessa Ong re-introduced the hearty recipes people have grown to love over the years. Here they are:

Pork Chop/ Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fish Fillet/ Beef Stew