Basti's Brew Turns 15

There are very few coffee shops which serve good food to go with their delicious cup of coffee.  Here in Davao City, Basti's Brew proudly boasts of these two. As one of the first coffee shops to open in the city, it still holds its charm of being a cozy place for those who love to enjoy their Cappuccino and dine as well. It is also a favorite hangout and meet-up place for businessmen, young professionals and students. And here's a trivia, Basti's Brew was the first ever establishment in the city to offer free wifi connection. (And yes, I remember years ago, they had table design especially made for laptop bringers.)

This year marks Basti's Brew's 15 years of operations, and to celebrate, we were invited to a food feast as owners Randall and Vanessa Ong re-introduced the hearty recipes people have grown to love over the years. Here they are:

Pork Chop/ Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fish Fillet/ Beef Stew


3 Ways To Enjoy Korean Shabu-Shabu at Bulgogi Brothers

Last Friday was my first time to witness how an authentic Korean Shabu-Shabu is prepared and served. And yes, it was my first to eat it too! We went to a food tasting and launching of Bulgogi Brothers' latest offering: the 3-way Korean Shabu Shabu.

For many, Shabu Shabu is a mixture of thinly sliced meats and vegetables in bubbling broth. But there’s more to this Asian culinary tradition than blanching ingredients in hot soup.

Bulgogi Brothers, a Korean BBQ restaurant that has successfully brought the authentic flavors of Seoul in the country with its soulful Korean dishes, introduces 3 ways to enjoy the popular hotpot with the launch of its Korean-Style Shabu-Shabu.


Going Bananas at Saging Republik

Saging Repablik is a newly-opened restaurant along Tionko Avenue. It serves mostly Filipino dishes with a special banana twist in them. This is the newest venture of Mr. Gatchi Gatchalian, the same person who introduced Blugre, the first ever coffee shop in Davao in 1999.

As someone who lives in a city where bananas are abundant, we almost take the good old potassium-rich bananas for granted. But not in this place. Almost of  Saging Repablik's recipes have bananas in them, cooked and prepared in a uniquely sumptuous way.

They also have become famous for their Create-Your-Own-Banana-Cue. You have the option to choose their own dips and toppings. The choices are caramel, chocolate and white chocolate for dips. For toppings, they can choose white chocolate, rice crisps, mini candies, choco chips, sprinkles, choconut, almonds, chopped nuts and chopped chocolate.

They have a big, high ceiling design which makes its ambiance so relaxing and a perfect place to bond with family and good friends.

classy interior design and great lighting
they have a second floor (perfect for functions and parties)

you can create your own banana cue! 
A view from the outside (photo credits : Jazper Jay)


Italianni's Now Offers Lunch-to-Go Packs and Pitcher Perfect

Want to know the latest with Italianni's? Davao's favorite Italian restaurant, Italianni's has recently introduced Lunch to Go packs. You can choose from four of the scrumptious dishes they have prepared:  Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast , Herb Roasted Chicken with Rice Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Rice, and Crispy Pork Ribs with Rice. My personal favorites are Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast and Crispy Pork Ribs with Rice because I both love pasta and spare ribs. 

Lunch to Go are perfect for to-go lunches, meetings, get-togethers, field trips, etc for your families, friends or business associates. They are reasonably priced and taste so good as if you just ate them right at Italianni's.

As their initial offering, you get 1 FREE Lunch To Go with every 5 packs you order. And for 20 orders or more, don't forget to call them a day ahead. 

Aside from Lunch to Go, Italianni's also brings Pitcher Perfect, their version of cocktail by the liter for only P 195 which is perfect for 2-3 persons. Just pick your choice from these refreshing variants:  Borabora Sangria Blue Moon, Orange Amaretto, Mango Bellini, Watermelon Bellini. Since I'm not much of a drinker, I personally like Orange Amaretto because of it's mild taste.

Now that's a good news for you and your friends who want to chill after a busy day.

Italianni's Lunch to Go
Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast – P195

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Rice – P225
Herb Roasted Chicken with Rice – P225


A Peek at Kadayawan Festival 2014

Kadayawan masks for sale along the streets
I had to wake up early last Saturday, it was not an ordinary weekend, it had a festive mood as people of my hometown, Davao City celebrated the annual Kadayawan festival week since August 11 until the 17th. I did my laundry early so I can bring my daughter to her Cathecism sessions and later to her ballet classes.

Since I've got some time to use while waiting for her, I went and rode a jeepney headed to town to check out the street dancing parade (Indak-indak sa Kadalanan). The main thoroughfares of the city were used for the event, so public transportation were rerouted to other streets. A bit confusing at first, losing my sense of direction, but I just walked where my feet would bring me (something I haven't done in a long while, so I took it as a fun experience!) and headed to the street dancing routes.

It was a really hot Saturday morning but the ethnic vibe coming from the street dance performances plus the excitement of the crowd overwhelmed the whole ambiance along C.M. Recto, Ilustre and Duterte Streets. I only had an hour to spare so I took the most of it by taking pictures as I walked. Here they are, hope you like them :)