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My Araw ng Davao Encounter with GMA Kapuso Stars

Last week, I kinda achieved a milestone (naks!) in my life as a blogger. Well, it was Araw ng Davao week and my city was bustling with happenings and events here and there. I was able to join the two-day consecutive meet and greet events sponsored by no less than GMA Kapuso TV station. I didn't have a clue what to expect but was sorta hoping to meet celebrities since it was scheduled on Davao City's 80th inaugural anniversary.

Ok so, Day 1-- the activity was held in a local restaurant, and boy was I surprised to see several GMA Kapuso stars upclose in one room! ( I was like, omg!) Get this: Dennis Trillo (yep!)  Kiko Estrada,  Dion Ignacio, Miguel TanFelix, Bianca Umali, Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene. They're here in town to promote the upcoming TV series,  Mulawin vs Ravena, a sequel to the well-loved fantaserye Mulawin. 

Dennis Trillo
Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene

Dion Ignacio and Kiko Estrada

Bianca Umali and Miguel TanFelix

We were given a chance to have a brief chitchat with them. I was starstruck really but had to hide my excitement so I can concentrate on our little interview together with my other blogger friends from Davao Digital Influencers. There was so much food on the table but I didn't feel like eating. So this must be the feeling when you're surrounded by artistas, huh? Frankly, I haven't had the chance of really following some of them, but hey, it was a fun experience that I won't forget. And yes, I took a lot of photos, too. I had a little kilig fangirl moment having a photo with Dennis Trillo and Kiko Estrada.

with Kiko (by the way-he is the son of Gary Estrada and Cheska Diaz)

fangirling with Dennis Trillo


My Jolly Ginataang Mais

Jolly Ginataang Mais

Summer is here.  The school year is almost closing. (and some elementary schools in the Philippines even started their summer vacation already) Wooohoo! I can almost hear you shout the word FUN. Well, what is fun without food?

Today, I am sharing a Filipino recipe that's perfect for the season~~ filling and nutritious and it is very easy to prepare: GINATAANG MAIS.

This is somewhat similar to Maja Blanca because they use common ingredients and they actually taste a bit the same.

Ginataang Mais has a porridgy-texture and is commonly prepared for breakfast or snacks, giving you the energy you need to jumpstart your activities for the day. During summer, kids and teens would usually be busy doing sports, join in art classes, camps, go to the beach and more -- this would be a great snack to come home to.

So here are the ingredients you need:

1 1/2 cup malagkit (glutinous or "sticky" rice)
1 1/2 cup Jolly Coconut Milk
1 1/2 cup Jolly Coconut Cream (Kakang Gata)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup Jolly Whole corn kernels


1. Pour the malagkit in the pot and mix with Jolly Coconut Cream and Jolly Coconut Milk. Let it boil. Constantly stir so it will not stick and burn. Add water from time to time to achieve desired consistency. Do this until the malagkit (sticky rice) is cooked.

2. Pour in the Jolly corn kernels, and simmer for 5 mins.
3. Add sugar to taste.
4. Serve and enjoy!

my finished product =)

You may serve this with fruit juice, coffee or any beverage as you please.

How about you? Do you have summer recipes in mind that you'd like to prepare for family and friends? Share it, too and let's all have a well-spent vacation from the usual hustles of school and work. <3


Katherine Heigl and her new Baby Boy

Katherine Heigl with her adorable baby boy
(Photo from Katherine Heigl's Instagram account)
Katherine Heigl is so happy with her new baby boy! Her five week old little guy, named Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr. (just like his dad!), is so cute, and Katherine posted on Instagram a few days ago that she was busy “soaking up some morning baby love!” The gorgeous 38 year old has been enjoying her last few weeks since her baby boy has been around, but now she is “back on the exercise train!”

Only seven weeks after giving birth, Katherine posted on Instagram that she was ready to get back in shape, and posted a snap of herself in a hilariously mismatched outfit!

Katherine and her husband, Josh Kelley, who have been married since 2007, are also parents to two daughters, Adalaide, 4½, and Naleigh, 8. The family moved a rural Utah ranch in 2010, so that they could have more time for each other and live a more quiet lifestyle. 

Her 15 year old niece, Madison, also lives on their ranch so that she can focus on her equestrian activities. We know that this adorable little guy is going to be super spoiled being surrounded by all these gals! Heigl has said in the past that she loves being out in Utah on the ranch, because she can travel to LA to film or do promotional work when she needs to, and then she can travel back home and turn that part of her life “off”, and just be a wife and mom. Love that about her!


Date Nights With May Sparkling Grape Juice

I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of wine and other hard drinks (plus beer!) because I can't stand the bitter taste and the hot..err..sweaty sensation that follows after drinking it. No matter how my friends sugarcoat it by saying,  "come on it's good, it's ok, it's good for the heart, a great way for socialization" and other hundred enticing reasons just so I'd finish my 'designated' glass of wine, I still don't like it . 

I remember years ago, during a beach party,  I had no choice but to gulp down one glass of bitter wine because it's part of a parlor game, and we needed to win.  See, I am competitive like that in games so I finished it in a heartbeat.. but duh, I turned reddish and felt a little tipsy afterwards.

So you think my life is boring eh? No wine toasts, celebration, no chilling with wine over cheese and all that jazz. Haha, but no. That's another story though.

Anyways, forward to 2017, I'm still the old me, still having a distant relationship with wines and beer. Then May came. Yes May Sparkling Grape Juice. Hands down, the best thing I've tasted that's closest to wine. Look Ma, no bitter taste. Yay!

It comes in a sleek and elegant bottle design. A product of Belgium,  it is non-alcoholic and is made of top-quality grapes. Even kids and those on diet can enjoy May's delightful taste.

May Sparkling Grape Juice tastes so good and totally refreshing that hubby and I had a grand time finishing a bottle of its Red Grape variant in one sitting (also available in White Grape). This tells me that from now on, it is going to be on my grocery shopping list for future family celebrations and events.

A date night with May Sparkling Grape Juice featuring me and hubby

And yes, Valentines Day is fast approaching,  May is perfect for couples who just wish to enjoy a date night in their own cozy homes.  (like we did in advance!) 

Try it for yourselves and let me know what you think. :)


Have a STEAKation with McDonald’s New Mushroom Pepper Steak

the new Mushroom Pepper Steak : My new favorite at McDonalds

I went McDonald’s Bloggers' New Year Party here in Davao a few days ago and I was thrilled to taste their new offering, the new Mushroom Pepper Steak!  It was a great time to welcome the new year with my instant new favorite meal at Mc Do.  Mushroom Pepper Steak is welcome addition to McDonald’s range of filling and affordable rice meals, it features a juicy burger patty, smothered in a mushroom cream sauce with a hint of pepper, and topped off with sliced button mushrooms.

With the New Mushroom Pepper Steak, foodies can now enjoy a steakation wherever they are. Taste the 1-pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with a regular drink for only Php55. It also comes as a 2-pc meal with a regular drink for only Php89 or with a McFreeze starting at Php69 for a 1-pc meal and Php 99 for a 2-pc meal.

Indulge in a STEAKation at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide. You may also order via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app).

Get the latest from McDonald's in Facebook, at or via @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram. 

Enjoying my STEAKation with my Davao Digital Influencers family