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The CBTL Giving Journal 2017

My gray Giving Journal for 2017 =)

every redemption of the journal goes a long way!

It's the holiday season once again and amidst the happy Christmas carols and get togethers with friends and family, it is also a wonderful time to share our gifts and treasures with our brothers and sisters who need them the most.

This year the popular coffee shop chain, Coffee Been and Tea Leaf (CBTL) is continuing its legacy in helping others with the launch of The Giving Journal for 2017.

CBTL patrons can start their Giving Journey by collecting stamps. Each stamp consists of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink assignment. All of the 12 stamps must be collected in one stamp card to redeem the journal. A box of CBTL capsules earns 2 stamps while any CBTL Single Serve beverage System purchase will instantly give the customer one Giving Journal.


Handuraw Sa Baul at Malagos Garden Resort

With fellow bloggers and Ms.Charisse Puentespina,  managing director of Malagos Resort (photo credits: Ian Garcia)

It was a spooky kind of Saturday night when I decided to sign up to witness Handuraw sa Baul last October 29 at Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan. It was a one-day event that aims to showcase Philippine music, arts, and horror on Hollow’s Eve through many different activities mounted for the entire celebration.

Actually it was my first halloween event, a bit hesitant at first coz I easily get scared with spooky and halloween stuff. But since I'm going to be with my bloggers friends and I was also bringing along my daughter Mikkie, I thought this was going to be an interesting night. And it really was. After an hour travel from Davao to Calinan, we arrived at the venue at almost 7pm. We were in time for the  Davao Ngilngig Filmfest 2016 which featured hair-raising  horror short films of budding Davao filmmakers.

(Below is a short video clip I got from the Ngilngig Filmfest)

with fellow blogger/vlogger friends Emafe and Pal and my daughter Mikkie

Spooky desserts for a spooky night

Earlier that day, the audience witnessed a 
live poetry reading, Art Symposium, Live Painting and Pumpkin Carving Contest.


Kilay Goals with Beauty Reveal

A catchy hugot quote from a brownie box about "kilay" 
Some men will never understand why us girls think that our eyebrows or kilay mean serious business. But of course, it's because they define a women's (also men's) face, her mood and over-all appearance.

Here in Davao, that goal to achieve the perfect eyebrows do not stop. I recently attended a discussion with the people behind Beauty Reveal led by Kaye Garino, to help women get the look they had always wanted!
Beauty Reveal has partnered with other beauty experts in the industry such Permanent Makeup Ph, Eyebrow Embroidery Manila and Royal Vanity for bringing the trend and training here in Mindanao. They introduced the latest techniques for the lips and eyebrows which are using high-end U.S and UK approved products from BIOTOUCH, a trusted U.S brand of permanent makeup supplies.
Kaye Garino of Beauty Reveal as she shared her beauty expertise on eyebrows
If you are hesitant because you have sensitive skin, Ms. Garino vouched that their products and services are safe.
You can now be more proud of your lips and kilay and be confident enough to post  "i woke up like this"  and "wake up with make up" Instagram photos at the most reasonable price.

Moreover, you will feel safe knowing that you are not risking yourself to unsanitary and unknown brands.

Interested? Get prettified by permanent make up services of PERMANENT BEAUTIFUL by Kaye G. And if you want to have your eyebrows done or if you want to be trained on eyebrow stranding, or embroidery, feel free to contact Ms. Kaye at these numbers: 09163404048 / 09257701919


Beating Deadlines With Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

less cramming at work with Biscoff biscuits
As a stay-at-home working mom, I am used to juggling multiple tasks on a regular basis. It's not that I planned it, but the situation calls for it, and yes, I am loving the challenge. With no helper,  I do the basic chores at home and stuff for kids at school,  perform my tasks for my work as a virtual assistant and manage my small business online. Aside from that, I am also active with Davao Digital Influencers (DDI) a community of bloggers and social media practitioners here in the region. You can just imagine the mental havoc when deadlines/errands come all at once.

One of the consolation I give to myself when I feel that I am about to burst aside from having a good massage or mani/pedi at nearby spa, is by simply lounging around at home. I shut down my laptop and watch TV.  But, man, I can't do that all the time, unless I want to lose my job or lose the chance of making a sale in my online shop! I just pause for little while then make myself a good cup of green tea or coffee, or grab a glass of my favorite Guyabano juice.. set my drink aside, and continue the grind with my computer. 


Why I Love Being a #DavaoDigitalInfluencer

I've been working online for 8 years already, and became a part of other blogging groups and communities.  With that, I can say that being active on the internet, specifically the social media entails certain responsibility. I have been given something in my hands to be of service to others and be catalyst for change and information. Let's face it, being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Blogger, Wordpress, or what ever platform, is both fun and self-fulfilling, but there is something more to it. Established bloggers and those active in social media will inevitably have people following them for updates and information, be it for entertainment or lifestyle/news updates.  This is where the need to be always informed and responsible in this field comes in.

As someone who is from Davao, I love to share updates about my city.  I want the world to know that Davao is a progressive place to live in. I would like to let those people having second thoughts to invest, travel, study or reside here to change their minds. Now, that our beloved Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has become President, it is even more timely to let people know more about Davao.