Italianni's Now Offers Lunch-to-Go Packs and Pitcher Perfect

Want to know what's the latest with Italianni's? Davao's favorite Italian restaurant, Italianni's has just recently introduced Lunch to Go packs. You can choose from four of the scrumptious dishes they have prepared:  Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast , Herb Roasted Chicken with Rice Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Rice, and Crispy Pork Ribs with Rice. My personal favorites are Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast and Crispy Pork Ribs with Rice because I both love pasta and spare ribs. 

Lunch to Go are perfect for to-go lunches, meetings, get-togethers, field trips, etc for your families, friends or business associates. They are reasonably priced and taste so good as if you just ate them right at Italianni's.

As their initial offering, you get 1 FREE Lunch To Go with every 5 packs you order. And for 20 orders or more, don't forget to call them a day ahead. 

Aside from Lunch to Go, Italianni's also brings Pitcher Perfect, their version of cocktail by the liter for only P 195 which is perfect for 2-3 persons. Just pick your choice from these refreshing variants:  Borabora Sangria Blue Moon, Orange Amaretto, Mango Bellini, Watermelon Bellini. Since I'm not much of a drinker, I personally like Orange Amaretto because of it's mild taste.

Now that's a good news for you and your friends who want to chill after a busy day.

Italianni's Lunch to Go
Spaghetti Pomodoro & Chicken Breast – P195

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Rice – P225
Herb Roasted Chicken with Rice – P225


A Peek at Kadayawan Festival 2014

Kadayawan masks for sale along the streets
I had to wake up early last Saturday, it was not an ordinary weekend, it had a festive mood as people of my hometown, Davao City celebrated the annual Kadayawan festival week since August 11 until the 17th. I did my laundry early so I can bring my daughter to her Cathecism sessions and later to her ballet classes.

Since I've got some time to use while waiting for her, I went and rode a jeepney headed to town to check out the street dancing parade (Indak-indak sa Kadalanan). The main thoroughfares of the city were used for the event, so public transportation were rerouted to other streets. A bit confusing at first, losing my sense of direction, but I just walked where my feet would bring me (something I haven't done in a long while, so I took it as a fun experience!) and headed to the street dancing routes.

It was a really hot Saturday morning but the ethnic vibe coming from the street dance performances plus the excitement of the crowd overwhelmed the whole ambiance along C.M. Recto, Ilustre and Duterte Streets. I only had an hour to spare so I took the most of it by taking pictures as I walked. Here they are, hope you like them :)


Nepal Diaries: Pokhara, Nepal's Heart and Soul

Annapurna 'fishtail' mountain,  a section of the Himalayas

took this while on the bus heading to Pokhara, such an awesome sight!
We were on for another 6 hour bus ride from Chitwan to Pokhara. I was looking forward to finally see the famous Himalayan mountain, the Annapurna ( also known as fishtail because of its shape). I was getting snaps from the bus window as the image of this famous mountain finally presented itself. Woohoo! First time in my life have I ever seen a huge mountain so grandeur as this, beautifully topped with snow. Simply breathtaking!!!

I couldn't wait to start our adventures in Pokhara the moment we arrived at the bus station and were picked up by the hotel shuttle. And guess what, our hotel room window had a perfect view of the Annapurna!! We were going to stay in this pretty little city for four exciting days and made sure we took the most of it.
The spectacular sunrise in Sarangkot

me and the sunrise ;)


Nepal Diaries: Memories with Nature at Chitwan

We finally arrived at Chitwan, after a 6-hour travel by bus from the capital city of Nepal which is Kathmandu. Chitwan is the greener side of Nepal which boasts of its rich flora and fauna. The main attraction from this place is Nepal's first national park, the Chitwan National Park. 

We paid for a Safari Jeep Tour to the park that was scheduled first thing in the morning, the next day. We couldn't help our excitement as we were going to see nature face to face. What if a lion or tiger climbs up our jeep? Shucks! My buddy Joy even told me (almost jokingly, though) not to wear my shawl with animal prints so as not to catch the attention of these wild animals we might meet along the way. Zzzzz... so much for overthinking!
posing on a lake across Chitwan National Park.

the 'sexy boats' that would bring you near the Chitwan National Park
The hours went fast and we were getting ready for our activity in the morning. The safari guide picked us up early at 7am at the hotel. Off to the meet up point we went. We need to cross a lake and ride a wooden boat to reach the entrance of Chitwan National Park. It was just slim wooden boat that can accommodate about 8-10 passengers, and I really needed to be extra careful with my steps as one heavy thud would tilt the boat! My balancing skills were definitely on a test!

Selfies even on a 'swingy' ride


Finest Chocolate Products from Cacao de Davao (and Champorado memories from my childhood)

Cacao Davao's premium chocolate products:  only from the finest Davao cacao, a source of the world’s best chocolates.
As a child, I remember Saturday and Sunday mornings  enjoying the rich and sweet Champorado prepared by my father. The tableas (pure cacao beans that are dried, roasted, ground and then formed into chocolate tablets) were made by my grandmother who planted Cacao at her backyard.

See, he was the self proclaimed cook at home, while my mom only cooked during special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, fiesta, etc. And like my papa, I learned to cook this hearty breakfast dish until now that I have my own family. As the years go by, the tableas being sold at the market are not as rich and pure as we had before, and if they are, they come with a hefty price. Then one Sunday, my husband found Cacao de Davao's exhibit booth at the mall and told me they are selling chocolate callets. This made me happy because finally I can now have my dependable supply for our favorite Champorado.

And guess what? During the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014 (DFAT ) last May 15-19, Cacao de Davao was one of the sponsors.  They gave us samples of their products, and as someone born and raised in Davao, I am proud to say that their chocolate is one of the best I've tasted and affordable too.  Now, many restaurants and cafes not only here in the city, but around the Philippines use Cacao De Davao premium chocolates for their recipes.

You may visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cacaodedavao or contact them via the following details:

Cacao de Davao
San Pedro Extension, 8000 Davao City
Mobile: +63 917 250 2226
email: cacaodedavao@yahoo.com

samplers of fudgy brownies, dark chocolate and chocolate callets

 Sikwate (hot chocolate drink) made from rich and premium Davao chocolate

my version of the Champorado (chocolate rice)