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Eshma Bautista-Dumama: A working mom who never compromises her style


Mornings are for bonding with Sky 
On Eshma: M&S Collection top & FlextFit jeggings 
“I used to be uber-stylish from head to toe,” said 30-year old Estefanie “Eshma” Bautista-Dumama. But all these changed when she took the roles of a politician, a wife and a mother. She may have adjusted to her life as a councilor on her second term, but taking the role of wife last year, and more recently, a mother to 5-month old Sky, is definitely something new to her.

“These days I always keep my fashion and time very flexible. It’s a challenging 24/7 thing with the three hats I’m wearing. I don’t have a routine. Plans and schedules can change in a heartbeat depending on my baby’s mood and needs. So, there is no "typical day" for me. Every day yields new challenges.”

How does she do it? Let’s get to know this multi-tasker.

My day starts… 
..focused on the baby. I bond with Sky from the time he wakes up until noon. In between his naps, I check emails and schedules, update work assignments and give instructions while taking my morning coffee. I’m at the office by 1PM and work over lunch, go to sessions. I check on Sky from time to time.

Juggling my schedule is… 
Not easy, but I do my best. I’m on my first year of being a hands-on mom. I want to witness my baby’s first words, first steps, and considering I’m also a public servant 24/7, schedules can get challenging.

 I’m active all day so it’s important to wear comfortable clothes that move with you. 

In politics, delegating work to a reliable team can make my job uncomplicated. But if it involves legislative matters, I personally take on the matter. 

I’m lucky to have a husband-politician, we both understand what is required of our jobs. But we make sure we go out on a regular dates and keep the romance alive. 


Kadayawan sa Davao 2018 Schedule of Activities

It's Kadayawan Festival season once again, and I am so looking forward to the many activities (old and new) that this celebration has to offer. This year, we commemorate the 33rd year of Kadayawan which is considered to be Davao City's biggest annual cultural event.  

Here is the list of activities for Kadayawan sa Davao 2018 to help you plan your travel to the city (if you're a tourist). For Davaoenos at home, this will serve as a guide on which event/activity to go to depending on your interest/liking.

Advance Happy Kadayawan everyone!!!!

Official Calendar of Events as of July 6, 2018 at 2PM 
Theme:  Stand Tall.  United.  Resilient

August 10, 2018
 Friday, 3pm 
Subang Sinugdanan and Panagtagbo 
R. Magsaysay Wharf

A re-enactment of the convergence of Davao City's 11 ethno-linguistic tribes.  This presentation is symbolic of Davao's rich culture brought about by diversity and unity of its people. 

August 10, 2018
 Friday , 4pm  
Pag-Abli sa Kadayawan 
Kadayawan Circle
(Magsaysay Park)

The festival's opening ceremony that will commence with an ecumenical thanksgiving service for the year of blessing and bounty.  It will be a grand showcase of the colorful culture and tradition of Davao City's 11 tribes.

August 10, 2018
 Friday , 6pm    
Hiyas sa Kadayawan Cultural Presentation (Talent Night)
Kadayawan Circle
(Magsaysay Park)

A display of talent by the 11 Hiyas sa Kadayawan candidates - interpreting their respective tribes' traditions and culture through colorful and engaging presentations.


The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Bad haircuts, heat damage and bleaching all can leave hair searching just a little worse for put on and looking for some TLC. It seems sensible that you would like to repair the problem with extensions until everything grows out so that as a lasting solution glue ins can be very tempting but choosing clip-ins could save you from more damage and therefore are way less hassle within the lengthy term. 

Here's why:

There's less stress on the follicle.

Clip in extensions put way less stress on hair than every other hair extension method so they are super gentle. What this means is hair can grow at its normal pace but you will also have the choice of altering your look when you really need to.


McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Your Kid's Fun and Learning This Summer

Mothers, you know the drill. Summer is the time of the year when after the pressures of school year, we get our kids to join skills enhancement workshops and what not.

When my children were younger I signed them up to be McDonald's Kiddie Crew for at least 2 summers in their childhood not too long ago.  See. I'm a stage mother like that.

McDo cheeseburger-making

Kiel and Esme designing their own happy meal box

badges for every activity accomplished!

The workshop runs for 5 days and they get to wear their own uniforms and mingle with the other kids.

Last weekend, bloggers were invited for to join the same workshop for one afternoon of fun and learning. This time, I brought my 5 year-old niece Esme and 7 year-old nephew Kiel.

The McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop annual summer program is now on its 26th year. This was created for 6-12 year olds to experience all the fun things that make up McDonald's through play-based activities, allowing them to learn good values, build confidence and discover new talents, all in the company of new friends!


Marks & Spencer feature: Olive Puentespina, the cheesemaker’s life and style

In 2008, Olive officially started producing cheese under the Malagos Farmhouse brand 
(On Olive: M&S white linen ruffle sleeve top and black linen pants) 

Her cheesemaking story started in Year 2000 with three goats, Marvin, Jolina and Rica, the onset of Olive’s husband-veterinarian collection of ruminants. The number grew with each farm visit, and grew more as the goats bred. How does one earn from this hobby?

Olive bottled fresh goat’s milk to sell. It didn't click. Goat’s milk soap was out of the question since it used very little milk. How else can milk be preserved, asked the UPLB-graduate who worked at the university’s Dairy Training and Research Institute? Cheese. So started Olive Puentespina’s cheesemaking career. 

She took lessons from a colleague, then from two Swiss cheese masters from Pontresina, Master’s classes in San Francisco, and so on. “My cheese journey—getting educated in dairying and cheese making— has brought me to the US, Mongolia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy. And with each travel, I learn more,” she shared.

In 2008, Olive officially started producing cheese under the Malagos Farmhouse brand. Sans advertising and social media promotions, Malagos Cheese has become one of the most popular Davao products in the country today. 

"I think I started European style artisan cheese making in the Philippines. I am proud that the cheeses I make are on the top tables of the best hotels, restaurants and resorts and airline in the Philippines. That is more than what I can ask for.”

On Olive. M&S Linen blouse 

Where is Malagos Farmhouse cheese now? 

Malagos Farmhouse cheese is on the top of its game in artisan handmade category. The brand is recognized by purveyors of fine foods and graces the table of state dinners of the country. Malagos as a house of cheese produces over 25 kinds which shows the versatility of the brand. It is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the Food & Drug Administration.

From 30 liters of milk production, now we now make cheese from 2-3 tons of milk a week, all handmade and distributed to over 80 establishments in the country, albeit in small quantities.   

What’s in a day in the cheesemaking life of Olive?

My day as a mom, a wife and cheesemaker starts early. After the household duties, I enter the cheese room and focus on the day’s work. I check what cheeses are to be shipped and produced, then enter to the aging room and “manage my cheeses”, go through about 200 wheels of cheeses.  When the cheese making starts, no one can disturb me until I am done. 

Around 5PM, I can accept private tasting sessions on cheese appreciation, be home by 7PM for motherly and wifely duties. I’d be lucky to get five hours of sleep, and then the routine starts all over again.

Of all the cheeses you have made, do you have a particular favorite?

I cannot play favorites. They all came from my brain and put my soul in every creation like its my children. But if I categorize them it would be: Most popular, the Mango Sublime; Most challenging to make, Karinina al Vino; Most flexible, Chevre; Most sought after, La Maria; and Most liked by Pinoys, the Kesong Puti.

Have you groomed someone to take the reins in your absence?

I have “manualized” the operations so there is a responsible person at every stage of the production. The Quality Assurance Supervisor together with the Production Supervisor makes sure the cheese room runs smoothly so I just enjoy the best part, which is making cheeses.

My daughter Ingrid who is taking up Food Tech in Diliman will take over operations when she graduates. She is a working student now and takes cheese making during school break.

What’s it like for you away from the cheese room? 

Now that my kids are practically adults needing less of my supervision, I get to perfect my craft. I get to travel to educate myself more and get to market my product, too. 

The demand of growing a business is great and to stay on top of my game I need to be ahead of the next guy so I have to be a cheesemaker and an entrepreneur. 

So yes, I probably have no life outside of the cheese room, but I am having so much fun.

Yes, I noticed that even at your socials Malagos Farmhouse cheese is in the affair. Is there an instance when you get social life sans cheese? 

I look at it as an affirmation of the quality of the product. I also get to enjoy some personal time with friends sans the cheeses, but I also get asked about them, like asking, “how are the kids?” 

 My cheese and I are one. I probably have no life outside of the cheese room, but I am having so much fun. 
(On Olive: M&S stripe tie front linen blouse, white linen pants & canvas trainer)

What’s downtime for you? When can you say I am relaxing and living my life well? 

Cooking! I love to cook. When I am in the kitchen, it’s like I am in an orchestra. I am happiest conducting flavors, enjoying ingredients. I am a home buddy but if I have time to travel, I would go back to Switzerland. I love the changing color of autumn with the rock mountains in the background. And the fruits in Aargau! 

I’ve seen you transform from wearing an apron to donning a smart set for an affair. What is Olive Puentespina’s style? 

I need to fix myself, too. I am most comfortable in jeans or drawstring linen pants, loose cotton or linen blouse, and in clogs, sneakers or traveling boots. I lead a very active lifestyle so my fashion has to work with and around it, and comfortable materials like linen can beat the summer heat.

I choose my pieces well because I will wear them until its “retirement” then I go get myself another set.

No dresses in the closet? Where and how often do you shop?

Only M&S for underwear and the basics. I like the convenience of shopping at Marks & Spencer because they carry a complete line of clothing offering a wide array of tops and bottoms I can choose from. I am such a lazy shopper so I prefer a one-stop shop.

They also have the palette. Marks & Spencer have colors that best suit me. They have a lot of earth tones and I like warm colors. 

The linens are light and airy. It's perfect for summer. It can work during the day and can get me through the casual evening affairs as well. 

What will make you wear a dress? 

When Bo & I get married again. 


Fashion: M&S 2018 Linen Collection available at the Marks & Spencer stores in Abreeza Mall & SM Lanang Premier
Photography: Brian Dexter Medija
Make-up & Styling: Otoy Mercado
Location: Malagos Farmhouse Cheese Room