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Food-trippin' with Max's Chicken All-You-Can

Last Sunday, we got the first dibs on Max's returning hit, the Chicken All-You-Can. Yep, it is back for this summer only at participating Max's restaurants. For only Php 249 you will experience unlimited sarap to the bones goodness that's uniquely Max's, plus a glass of ice-cold Pepsi.

The promo which is only valid for dine-in transactions, started last April 16, then on April 21 & 28, May 5 and 12. You may avail it from 2pm till 10pm.

For those who haven't tried this enticing offer yet, here's how Max's Chicken All-You-Can promo works:

Initially, you will be served with a piece of Max's Quarter chicken. Chicken refills will be given only after you finish each piece. Don't forget that it's strictly no sharing and no leftovers.  Dude, just relax, take it slow and consume as much chicken as you wish.


Sun-proof Your Summer With Watsons

Own the summer with endless adventures and possibilities. Don't let your fear of skin darkening or unwanted after-holiday bulge stop you from conquering the the heat of the summer sun.

With Watsons’ Make Your Summer campaign, you can stop hiding and create the perfect summer according to your rules. With all the products available in stores, Watsons has something for all the fun activities you’ve got planned so you’re free to do whatever you want without any worries.

And if you're body conscious, you can go ahead and make your summer sexy as you flaunt your body with Watsons' safe and effective slimming products. 

Here in Davao City, tourists and locals can enjoy road trips around town and along the countryside feeling protected under the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. And at the nearby islands of Samal, being famous of its beautiful white sand beaches and exotic wildlife, you can confidently bask and frolic your way all throughout the day.

Make your summer sun-proof and be confident to go anywhere!  Defend your skin from burning and sun damage with amazing sunscreens like: Nivea, Vaseline, Banana Boat, Beach Hut, Solstice, Biore, Sunplay, Belo, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Celeteque,  Kojie San, Hawaiian Tropic, Dermplus, Ponds, and Olay.

Watsons products for the season to protect your skin

Belo sun protection products
Join Watsons Make Your Summer promo which is up until April 26, 2017 and get the chance to win a travel getaway to four choice summer destinations in the Philippines. Click here for more details. :)


La Lola Churreria Opens in SM Lanang Premier Davao

La Lola owners: famous celebrity couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, Maria Perin & Dani Aliaga

I really had so much fun at the opening of the newest churreria shop in town: La Lola.  It is their first store in Davao and in Mindanao, having a total of 16 branches all over the Philippines. What made this event at SM Lanang Premier more exciting was the presence of its owners:  popular celebrity couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, Maria Perin & Dani Aliaga.

So, what makes La Lola Churros* different from the others?  

It started as a locally grown concept in Manila, aiming to serve the best authentic Spanish churros.
Theirs is a work of art and is made with love. They serve large and chunky churros using the traditional recipe with a La Lola twist. And guess what? It is made fresh from scratch upon order, using only the finest branded ingredients (100% olive oil and special flour) sourced locally and made especially for La Lola.

the newest  La Lola store was teeming with people on its opening day

Churros galore! we sampled over these treats during the opening event


My Araw ng Davao Encounter with GMA Kapuso Stars

Last week, I kinda achieved a milestone in my life as a blogger. (Naks! word milestone has actually become a running joke in my cirle #explain)

Well, it was Araw ng Davao week and my city was bustling with happenings and events here and there. I was able to join the two-day consecutive meet and greet events sponsored by no less than GMA Kapuso TV station. I didn't have a clue what to expect but was sorta hoping to meet celebrities since it was scheduled on Davao City's 80th inaugural anniversary.

Ok so, Day 1-- the activity was held in a local restaurant, and boy was I surprised to see several GMA Kapuso stars upclose in one room! (I was like, omg! I wasn't informed, should've dressed up a little and put on make up a little, charot!) Get this: Dennis Trillo (yep!)  Kiko Estrada,  Dion Ignacio, Miguel TanFelix, Bianca Umali, Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene. They're here in town to promote the upcoming TV series,  Mulawin vs Ravena, a sequel to the well-loved fantaserye Mulawin. 

Dennis Trillo
Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene

Dion Ignacio and Kiko Estrada

Bianca Umali and Miguel TanFelix

We were given a chance to have a brief chitchat with them. I was starstruck really but had to hide my excitement so I can concentrate on our little interview together with my other blogger friends from Davao Digital Influencers. There was so much food on the table but I didn't feel like eating. So this must be the feeling when you're surrounded by artistas, huh? Frankly, I haven't had the chance of really following some of them, but hey, it was a fun experience that I won't forget. And yes, I took a lot of photos, too. I had a little kilig fangirl moment having a photo with Dennis Trillo and Kiko Estrada.

with Kiko (by the way-he is the son of Gary Estrada and Cheska Diaz)

fangirling with Dennis Trillo


My Jolly Ginataang Mais

Jolly Ginataang Mais

Summer is here.  The school year is almost closing. (and some elementary schools in the Philippines even started their summer vacation already) Wooohoo! I can almost hear you shout the word FUN. Well, what is fun without food?

Today, I am sharing a Filipino recipe that's perfect for the season~~ filling and nutritious and it is very easy to prepare: GINATAANG MAIS.

This is somewhat similar to Maja Blanca because they use common ingredients and they actually taste a bit the same.

Ginataang Mais has a porridgy-texture and is commonly prepared for breakfast or snacks, giving you the energy you need to jumpstart your activities for the day. During summer, kids and teens would usually be busy doing sports, join in art classes, camps, go to the beach and more -- this would be a great snack to come home to.

So here are the ingredients you need:

1 1/2 cup malagkit (glutinous or "sticky" rice)
1 1/2 cup Jolly Coconut Milk
1 1/2 cup Jolly Coconut Cream (Kakang Gata)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup Jolly Whole corn kernels


1. Pour the malagkit in the pot and mix with Jolly Coconut Cream and Jolly Coconut Milk. Let it boil. Constantly stir so it will not stick and burn. Add water from time to time to achieve desired consistency. Do this until the malagkit (sticky rice) is cooked.

2. Pour in the Jolly corn kernels, and simmer for 5 mins.
3. Add sugar to taste.
4. Serve and enjoy!

my finished product =)

You may serve this with fruit juice, coffee or any beverage as you please.

How about you? Do you have summer recipes in mind that you'd like to prepare for family and friends? Share it, too and let's all have a well-spent vacation from the usual hustles of school and work. <3