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The Long Term Solution: Renewable Energy

the long term solution would be to utilize renewable sources of energy
                                                                         (photo credit: 

Did you guys know that the Philippines is a country that relies heavily on importing energy from foreign sources? Despite this fact, the country still faces an energy crisis. In some parts of the archipelago, 12- hour power outages aren’t so uncommon. Now, you may ask, what would be the solution for this? The answer is renewable energy.

The nation is very energy-hungry, and the number one energy resource that satiates this
thirst are fossil fuels. A recent statistic states that the Philippines depends on fossil fuels for over
73% of its energy needs. And as the country’s population continues to grow, so will its demand for energy. If the nation continues to rely on non-renewable sources of energy, there will eventually be a point wherein these sources will run dry. Since fossil fuels take millions of years to come into existence, it is impractical to rely on them forever. Fossil fuels also contain high amounts of carbon and are the leading cause of global warming.

However, as of recent times, another statistic states that the Philippines relies on 30% of
its energy generation on renewable energy. Since the nation is near the equator, it is
understandable that we would be utilizing and harvesting solar energy. Solar energy, in many
ways, is the complete opposite of fossil fuels. It is renewable, which means that we cannot run
out of solar energy for as long as the sun is alive. According to NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ), the sun is expected to live for another 6.5 million years. Solar energy is also abundant. The US Department of Energy states that in a single hour, the power we receive from the sun is more than the whole world uses in a year. If an energy source is both renewable and abundant, then it is also sustainable. In other words, if we cannot over-consume a resource, then it is considered to be sustainable.


Palm oil talk with Jolly Claro Palm Olein

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Jolly Claro Palm Oil gathered bloggers from Davao City last week for an informative discussion about PALM OIL. 

Palm oil, among the different kinds of cooking oil in the market, is the widely used cooking oil in most Filipino homes and in Southeast Asia. As the name implies, palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit. 

Aside from being affordable, it also has a high smoke point suitable for high heat cooking. 
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And as one of the top palm oil brands in the country, JOLLY CLARO undergoes a unique 5-step process to meet high quality standards. 

It is made from 100% pure palm olein. Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature while Palm olein is the liquid part of palm oil.

Three times refined and 2x filtered! That is why it is clearer and does not get rancid easily.


Unli Samgyupsal plus more in Gangnam in Davao Restaurant

Spicy, sweet and tangy Korean street food? Unlimited SamgyupsalBibimbap? Kimchi?


If you're drooling with the mention of these food, then head over to Gangnam in Davao Restaurant located along Pryce Business Park, beside Landco in J.P. Laurel Bajada or at their branch at the ground floor of Abreeza Mall, Davao City .

Chef Edwin doing a Samgyupsal demo 

Their Head Chef, Edwin Manabat tells us that they serve authentic Korean dishes that's made affordable to Davaoenos. They also made some twists to some dishes to adapt to Filipino palate for a more satisfying dining experience that's only unique with Gangnam.


How I Got Hooked With Game of Thrones

the heartwarming reunion of Arya and Jon
Two years ago, we moved in to our new home here at the southern part of Davao City. Our village was relatively new. No cable tv and internet connection were available yet at that time in our location. Can you imagine having three teenage kids who would go restless without these things? Internet and cable TV used to be a luxury back in the day but now it’s considered a necessity.

My 2nd son was in his crafty self, downloading episodes of popular tv series and movies so we would at least have some form of entertainment in our new abode. Good thing, it was Christmas vacation, giving them more free time to watch and play. He then downloaded all the previous episodes of Game of Thrones (GOT), alternately playing on the TV screen with another favorite series called Brooklyn 99.

Then it caught my fancy. I easily fell in love with the cinematographic and mind-blowing scenes,  grandiose set and costumes, not to mention the catchy British accent that can be heard from the characters. It felt funny because I used to agree with those who posted Facebook statuses saying,  "I have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones..etc.. etc" each time a new season comes on TV. The tables have turned, indeed!

Filmed in several countries in Europe, the much-talked about TV series also brings me to the fantasy world of kingdoms, rulers,  colorful medieval-style battles and way of life. Of course, while it cannot be denied that the show also has its share of highly sexual and bloody violent scenes, my growing fascination for GOT goes far more than that.
Bran Stark


#DavaoFoodCrawl: Chillin' At Mugshots Wine and Cafe

a view from the outside

After a hard day's work, we all want to take a breather, let the afternoon traffic pass and just chill before going home.  Of course, we deserve it after the grueling hours we spent at the office/workplace. Mugshots Wine and Cafe owner, Beau Ma had this in mind when he conceptualized this wine and coffee place 2years ago. He wanted this to be a meeting place of people--old and new friends alike,  who'd like to enjoy a good cup of coffee, beer or wine and great food.

A quick glance at their industrial-style interior and store facade, you would think it is a bar that purely serves wines and beer. But no. They also serve your favorite cup of coffee, tea, smoothie and milk. 
Beer and more beer!
Heineken Draught half pint, Php80; full pint, Php150