A Fresh Start

By ketchupthelatest - September 29, 2012

They say starting could be the most difficult part of any task or journey. It is very much like writing or blogging. Well, you need to unlock everything else that is hidden inside so creative juices may freely flow, unload the baggage and deep-seated emotions waiting to be written about.

re-growth. re-invent. renewal.
Some dead leaves must fall so new ones will start to grow.

I'll take it from here.

Note: I took this photo during our Blog Weekend Bootcamp in Malagos Garden Resort, Calinan Davao City last July 2012.

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  1. indeed, oftentimes, we stop from moving or growing simply because we either are to occupied to start, fear to start or just simply not wanting to get out from our comfort zone.

  2. Since you've mentioned the blog weekend bootcamp, this photo reminds me a lot about Ate Jojie's lecture of photo blogging and the rule of thirds! =)

  3. I do agree, just like when we went for a vacation lat week, I got used to not blogging that it was hard for me to squeeze some ideas what to write lol.

  4. very well said...its like taking risk too! and i am now having hard time to start writing on my blog, its been ages...i need to push myself back to write again! :( anyway, that's a great photo. have a great weekend.

  5. Yes, I am not a blogger... But writing is my passion. And part of it is to make your mind focus on the topic. To get that, I always dump extra baggage. Pabigat lang yun.