It's Kadayawan Fiesta at The Apo View Hotel!

By ketchupthelatest - August 17, 2013

feeling the beat and vibe of The Kaagan Theatre Group's cultural performance
It's this wonderful time of the year for all Davaoenos and those who love Davao City.  The merry month of August spells abundance of fresh fruits and beautiful flowers everywhere. More importantly, August is the month for the The King of Festivals, the Kadayawan Festival.

To celebrate this festive event, Apo View Hotel offers a festive line up of promotions and activities to everyone. A stay in Davao for the Kadayawan is made more memorable if you book 2 night from August 5-18, you will get a gift certificate for a free overnight stay which can be used within 1 month. This enticing offer includes a daily breakfast buffet at the Entree, welcome drinks at the Blue Room plus a complimentary in-room WIFI.
Tribal dances

A pose with the Kaagan Theatre Group

Acclaimed Tiboli Artist, Ronald Tamfalan

The Apo View Hotel sits at the very heart of the Davao City making it a perfect place to stay as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the downtown district. It is a good starting point to tour around the city and witness the festivities such as the famous street dancing and floral boat parades.

If you just want to chill at the hotel, you still won't miss the Kadayawan fun as the Apo View brings the Kadayawan Fiesta starting August 5 till the 18th(now on its 6th year) right at the hotel. It is an annual showcase of arts, exhibits, ethnic dances and a lot more.
Dagmay weaving by the women of Mandaya tribe

Below is the calendar of activities this year:

Also, to satisfy your palate for the season, Cafe Josefina serves a special Kadayawan-themed merienda buffet during the Kadayawan Week for only Php 299 per person.
A sumptuous collection of Filipino meryenda

Camote rebosado

Halo Halo

My favorite Cassava Cake
Guinataang Mais
Royal Bibingka
assorted cakes/pastries
Fresh fruits
The Apo View Hotel
150 J. Camus Street, Davao City
(082) 221 6430


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  1. Waaahhhh, I'm so tamad this Kadayawan, I didn't went out to take photos of the Indak-Indak, I slept hahahaha! But I'm going out today for the pamulak! Nice one Anna!That artist really have a hand.

  2. i hope one day i get to witness Kadayawan Festival there in Davao. Happy Kadayawan Davao!

  3. Must be fun to watch them perform and the foods look so delicious!

  4. i would love to see davao in the future! and all the provinces around philippines that has all the colourful festivities i wanted to see since!

  5. I wish I could witness how this event is observed by the locals of Davao. I have been reading much about this festival lately.

  6. Wow, the food are really great, I love them all! I wish to see and be in that fiesta!

  7. Kadayawan Festival, when will I see one. Talagang well promoted ang event na ito. Good not only for Davaoenos but for the whole Pinas na rin.

  8. This is such a wonderful event! Ang sasarap din ng mga food ng mga Davaoenos!

  9. I remember my high school days with that Tribal Dandce and yes you make me hungry with all that delicious merienda selections.