Nepal Diaries: Memories with Nature at Chitwan

By ketchupthelatest - June 04, 2014

We finally arrived at Chitwan, after a 6-hour travel by bus from the capital city of Nepal which is Kathmandu. Chitwan is the greener side of Nepal which boasts of its rich flora and fauna. The main attraction from this place is Nepal's first national park, the Chitwan National Park. 

We paid for a Safari Jeep Tour to the park that was scheduled first thing in the morning, the next day. We couldn't help our excitement as we were going to see nature face to face. What if a lion or tiger climbs up our jeep? Shucks! My buddy Joy even told me (almost jokingly, though) not to wear my shawl with animal prints so as not to catch the attention of these wild animals we might meet along the way. Zzzzz... so much for overthinking!
posing on a lake across Chitwan National Park.

the 'sexy boats' that would bring you near the Chitwan National Park
The hours went fast and we were getting ready for our activity in the morning. The safari guide picked us up early at 7am at the hotel. Off to the meet up point we went. We need to cross a lake and ride a wooden boat to reach the entrance of Chitwan National Park. It was just slim wooden boat that can accommodate about 8-10 passengers, and I really needed to be extra careful with my steps as one heavy thud would tilt the boat! My balancing skills were definitely on a test!

Selfies even on a 'swingy' ride

We finally jumped on our designated jeep. I felt like I was part of Amazing Race because of the breathtaking scenery which lay before us when we entered the nature park. Together with other tourists, we rode inside a safari jeep that will tour us for  2 hours too see lush greens and rare animal species. I was a bit anxious on what to expect. What if we get stranded inside? What if a wild animal hurt one of us? What if the jeep's engine dies in the middle of the forest? Told you, sometimes I overthink a lot because none of these things happened as we were secured in the jeep and were not allowed to go down during the tour. 

But as we began exploring the wilds, and while I was taking pictures, I became more at ease. The guides were really helpful and gave us a lot of information. The group we were in were also friendly. It was a mixed group of tourists from China, Macau, and the United States. There were also tourists from the other cities of Nepal. The weather was fair, the skies were clear, but a bit breezy and cold. Later, it got cloudy and drizzled a little. Good thing, I brought my jacket with me so I was able to cover myself from the rain. The jeep didn't have a roof to give tourist a better view of the surroundings.

the ride going to the park's meet up point

had fun with this group, epic!

in the middle of the wilds

the only pitstop we had during the safari jeep tour, and yes that's our jeep!
We learned that Chitwan National Park supports a species diversity much higher than any other on the Indian subcontinent. It is a home for rare animal species such as Bengal tiger and gharial. The park also holds the distinction of having the world's second largest population of Asian Rhinoceros. These animals were elusive during our jeep safari trip, although we saw a handful (rhinos, bisons, peacocks) but they were either too far or too fast to hide behind the bushes before we could actually take a snap, or i guess i was just too slow.

Here are the other snaps ( with little stories below them) I took during this unforgettable nature trip: 

A Nepalese family, couldn't forget them coz they approached me and asked if I am a Filipina, I proudly said yes! :) 

Nepalese teenagers who just came from a religious gathering near the park

the monkey tree, hope you spot one in the picture (sorry not a pro in photography)

the only creature I took a close photo of :( they were just too faraway for my camera

another solo :D

the hotel where we stayed, thumbs up for their services and amenities! 
pretty flowers in the morning, outside our hotel villa

kinda gloomy scene at the nature park

look for this place if you ever get lost in Chitwan

can't forget this complimentary dessert, i just jokingly asked the restaurant if they give desserts for free, and viola, someone knocked at the door with this :D

onion pancakes

veggie fritters

first time to see sugar in a cube form

my breakfast from the buffet table

from the outside of our villa

Kiran, the friendly and accommodating front desk officer

Nepalese people we saw at the park

At the front seat: American tourists from our group

Mom and child game for a pose

Up next --- my adventure in Pokhara, also a 6-hour bus ride from Kathmandu!! Please bear with me for the delayed posts as I just juggle blogging with my work and house chores (excuses! **wink**)

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  1. Wow! Safari Jeep Tour? That's exciting!! Looks like you have a good touch of nature in your tour to Nepal, sis! Nice captures too.

  2. Wow! What an adventure! I love the gloomy look at the nature park. It is as if it has a lot of mysterious stories. lol. Anyway, I was drooling with the onion pancake. lol. Looks yummy. I wanna visit that place soon. :D

    Lysa of

  3. Inggit naman ako. so sure nag-enjoy ka to the max. Nepal has lots to offer pala.

  4. My oh my, the food and the place makes me want to go there and visit!

  5. Beautiful pictures Sis :-) Thank you for sharing Nepal with us. The nature is always the best.

  6. Hubby and I dream of traveling outside the Philippines when he retires. I'll definitely include Nepal in our list of places to visit.

  7. Lovely snaps you've posted sis! I've always wanted to visit Nepal but never had the time to really make a plan for it. Seeing your photos (and to think this is just a part of your whole trip) is a big factor to convince my hubby to take me there. :) I wanted to go to a monastery and do a retreat type of vacation that I and my hubby so badly needed being in this manic society that we are in.

  8. I only have one word to say mommy, "Inggit!" Well, you certainly had a wonderful trip at Nepal :) And thank you for the ref magnet. Hehe Wishing you more happy travels with friends and family.

  9. Wow! Thank you for this wonderful virtual tour in Nepal. What an interesting country! ♥