A Peek at Kadayawan Festival 2014

By ketchupthelatest - August 18, 2014

Kadayawan masks for sale along the streets
I had to wake up early last Saturday, it was not an ordinary weekend, it had a festive mood as people of my hometown, Davao City celebrated the annual Kadayawan festival week since August 11 until the 17th. I did my laundry early so I can bring my daughter to her Cathecism sessions and later to her ballet classes.

Since I've got some time to use while waiting for her, I went and rode a jeepney headed to town to check out the street dancing parade (Indak-indak sa Kadalanan). The main thoroughfares of the city were used for the event, so public transportation were rerouted to other streets. A bit confusing at first, losing my sense of direction, but I just walked where my feet would bring me (something I haven't done in a long while, so I took it as a fun experience!) and headed to the street dancing routes.

It was a really hot Saturday morning but the ethnic vibe coming from the street dance performances plus the excitement of the crowd overwhelmed the whole ambiance along C.M. Recto, Ilustre and Duterte Streets. I only had an hour to spare so I took the most of it by taking pictures as I walked. Here they are, hope you like them :)

Happy Kadayawan everyone!! Madayaw!!
Street dancing participants waiting for their turn
festive buntings for a festive vibe

the crowd
street dance in motion

delicious fruits in season in time for the Kadayawan festival: rambutan, bananas, lanzones..

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  1. i've always wanted to witness how the kadayawan festival looks like physically, i've never seen one even when i'm still in the phils... and those fruits just looks glorious.

  2. What a colorful festivity. I hope that I could watch it someday.

  3. I can see that, that is an awesome event! Am sure you really had fun on your walk sis :-) Happy Kadayawan Davao!

  4. Kadayawan Festival was so awesome! I had to go through the streets and take pictures with my friends.. We ended up in UCCP church were we have clear view of the dancers but the bad side was, we were behind the dancers.. pffft! Anyway, we had so much fun! :D

  5. All that bursts of color! Wonderful! It must be a great experience to be there to witness the festivities. I have never been to Davao but I have read a lot of about good places and good food there. Wish I could visit soon. :)

  6. That's one colorful and fun festival you have there in Davao. I hope to experience that, too, when we visit Davao again soon.