Going Bananas at Saging Republik

By ketchupthelatest - October 13, 2014

Saging Repablik is a newly-opened restaurant along Tionko Avenue. It serves mostly Filipino dishes with a special banana twist in them. This is the newest venture of Mr. Gatchi Gatchalian, the same person who introduced Blugre, the first ever coffee shop in Davao in 1999.

As someone who lives in a city where bananas are abundant, we almost take the good old potassium-rich bananas for granted. But not in this place. Almost of  Saging Repablik's recipes have bananas in them, cooked and prepared in a uniquely sumptuous way.

They also have become famous for their Create-Your-Own-Banana-Cue. You have the option to choose their own dips and toppings. The choices are caramel, chocolate and white chocolate for dips. For toppings, they can choose white chocolate, rice crisps, mini candies, choco chips, sprinkles, choconut, almonds, chopped nuts and chopped chocolate.

They have a big, high ceiling design which makes its ambiance so relaxing and a perfect place to bond with family and good friends.

classy interior design and great lighting
they have a second floor (perfect for functions and parties)

you can create your own banana cue! 
A view from the outside (photo credits : Jazper Jay)

And now, presenting some of their recipes (and their catchy banana-ish names): 

Humbanana Cue
Chicken Salpicao (they also have Beef Salpicao!)

Chicken Afrinana
Sisag (Sisig at Saging)
Spare Ribs with Banana BBQ Sauce (my favorite!)

Chicken Cordon Bleu

they'd give you this pipe and little bucket as your number when you order, cute isn't it?
Turon Fondue
Banana Cue Cream Pie
Frosted Double Gatchocolatto (A Great Date Drink)
Banana Leche Torte
Gatchocolatto Dark Chocolate ( i love this!)

they also have shirts and other merchandise for sale
with my co-Sagingeros :D

For inquires, you may contact Saging Repablik at:

Tionko Ave. Corner V. Mapa Street
Davao City 
(082) 285 9648

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  1. That is so unique! I haven't seen and been to a restaurant with that much focused on banana! Great idea of using our resources! :)

  2. wow!!! i would say the founder of this resto is genius, taking advantage of the most common resources of the Phils is a great way of introducing new dish and old dish together with the tang of banana... i will definitely visit the place someday.

  3. how cool! looks like it's has a great ambiance, and the food looked very tasty!

  4. Nice place and awesome recipes. Definitely a must go resto and must try recipe. Am sure those mouth-watering foodies has a secret to lure customers to keep coming back and I would want to try it myself. :-)

  5. The humbanana cue looks delicious. I love the name, very catchy!

  6. I love the pipe and little bucket thing. So unique and cute! ;)

  7. I remember Blugre! Even before the advent of Starbucks in the Philippines, that brand in Davao is already very popular. I'm interested in all the saging desserts the new restaurant offers. Can't say no to banana!

  8. I would love to bring my family here. Using banana as the focal point of this restaurant is ingenious.

  9. Hi co-sagingero... :D

    I miss this! :D