Why I Love Online Shopping

By ketchupthelatest - August 10, 2015

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I have been working online as a VA (virtual assistant) for 7 years already and this has led me to do my transactions via the internet. Paying utility bills, checking my bank account and many other online transactions prove to be easier and convenient. Indeed, it saves you time and effort.  Aside from these, I've also learned to love online shopping. Why? Because it's also convenient and it gets you to choose the item you want and have it delivered to your doorstop in just a few days.

Last week when I visited a friend in Tokyo, I experienced online shopping at its best. I was looking for a famous skin care product in Japan called "Cure", and have scoured almost all stores asking for it but to no avail. I Googled for more information and someone said that I can order it online for the same price the stores sell it. True enough, I processed my purchase via Amazon and the order came with free shipping, yay!  What more,  my order will be delivered at my address the following day. Yes, that fast! I am simply amazed at how fast I got the item without hassle.

In the Philippines, online shopping at Zalora is also so popular as it offers a wide-variety of best-seller brands and fashionable items of your choice. Every now and then, they are known to offer discounts and cheap deals.

Some people I know do not purchase online for fear of being scammed by bogus sellers. It does happen occasionally, you just have to be wise in choosing credible online shopping stores with positive feedbacks from their happy customers. So far, over the years of my so-called online shopping, I am proud to say that all were legit and successful.

How about you, do you love online shopping as much as I do? 

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  1. I love online shopping! It makes everything so convenient!

  2. I wasn't aware of an online shopping before even when I am always online or in the computer I guess I am not as confident of purchasing online knowing there are so many fraud or hackers that might steal your informations, but shopping online also is one of the biggest part for those who wish not to go outside their house and have so many things to buy...

  3. Online shopping gives me the fredom and flexibility. You can also find great deals by price comparison.

  4. yes online shopping is becoming very convenient for us, but if I have time I still want to go out shopping and see the actual thing before buying :)