Malagos Chocolate Museum: Philippine's First

By ketchupthelatest - March 13, 2017

Ma'am Charita P . Puentespina, founder of Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc.- the mother company of Malagos Garden Resort

Did you know that the Philippine's first chocolate museum, the Malagos Chocolate Museum just recently opened its doors to the public?  It is located inside Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan, an hour away from downtown of Davao City.

Malagos Chocolate has been producing import-quality chocolates since 2013 and has since received recognition and awards over the years because of its distinctive taste and quality.

This has become the inspiration of the Puentespina family to put up the museum to showcase Davao's chocolate and to make it as one of the top chocolate producers of the world.

I feel honored to have been invited to witness its opening last March 8. Together with other distinguished guests, media and online influencers, we had a tour inside the museum courtesy of the the very accommodating Ms. Charisse Puentespina, the project designer of the museum.

The museum boasts of interactive cacao and chocolate-related installation that is divided into four parts:
1. The Museum Section where you will learn about the wonders of the cacao and chocolate-making through infographics, AVP, audio lectures, and interactive displays. Here it tells us that chocolates produced by Malagos Chocolate are processed from "tree to bar", thus the tagline, " The Tree to Bar Experience. Their cacao are of single-origin, planted at the foothills of Mount Talomo in Calinan.

Our lands are included in the so-called Cacao belt, making it an inspiration to become one of the top chocolate producers of the world

2. The Interactive Zone where you can play games with Beanie, the Malagos Chocolate mascot.

3. The Chocolate Bar where you can enjoy all sorts of Malagos Chocolate food and drinks. Here you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate and sample their luscious chocolate treats.

4. The Chocolate Laboratory where you can make your own chocolate. For only Php450 (for 200 grams) you get to make your own chocolate! This is the most interesting part for me at the Chocolate Museum tour as I was able to choose the fillings to put for my chocolate. I chose dried mango, almond nuts, rice crispies. One of my companions had chili and mint added in her choco mold.

For starters, all we had to do was pour the hot melted chocolate into a mold (mine had animal design!). We then put in the fillings and spread them in the mold then just let it cool in the fridge for 10-15 mins, then hola you get to see your finished product!  I am happy with the results, it tasted real good.

Only Php450 for the unique experience of creating your own chocolate!

there are lots of fillings to choose from for your chocolate!

My finished product :)
I certainly had fun during our Chocolate Museum tour. It was truly educational and unforgettable. I am one proud Davaoena knowing we have something like this in our city for our family, friends, tourists to see, enjoy and learn from.
If you haven't visited Malagos Garden Resort yet or if you want to come back again, they now offer Chocolate Museum and Cacao Farm tour packages. 
Ms. Ann Ortilano

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