Sugbo Mercado: The Ultimate Weekend Food Destination in Cebu

By ketchupthelatest - April 30, 2017

it was an Acoustic Night that night

If you happen to be in Cebu City on a weekend,  Sugbo Mercado is definitely a must-go place to satisfy the foodie in you. Located at the Garden Bloc in Cebu IT Park in Apas, Sugbo Mercado presents diverse culinary dishes featuring a fusion of local and international food cuisine and beverages.  

As part of our Cebu Familiarization tour sponsored by Air Asia and in part by Cebu City Tourism Office, we went there last Saturday night to fill our tummies after a long day walking along the historical streets of Cebu.  And yes, Sugbo Mercado was oozing with lively market vibe and was teeming with people when we came.

As a backgrounder, it opens only during the weekends: Friday-Sunday at 5pm till 11pm.  It also has other branches in Cebu Business Park and in South Road Properties (SRP).

For me it is an upgraded version of the Roxas Night Market that we have in Davao City, Hmmm I say upgraded because as what I observed, it caters the A-B crowd, while Roxas serves a mix of mostly B and C crowd.

Sugbo Mercado's Marketing Director, Karlo Lim was very gracious enough to show us around. We were able to sample food/beverage products from different stalls such as  A+ Burger Steak, Sugba Sugba, Sacra Makimaki, Eggcloud, Fruitville, Macology 101 (Drinks in Pouch), Delica Yama, Papa Churros, Thai Street and Senyorito Scallops.

Karlo Lim, Sugbo Mercado's Marketing Director

Senyorito Scallops

Epic name, isn't it??

Delica Yama

Juice in A Pouch by Macology 101

All these food!!!!!

And more!!!!

Sacra Makimaki

Shakes from Fruitville

Papa Churros!!!

Egg Waffles from Eggcloud

OMG, they're all mouth-watering.  It was food coma indeed!

How about you? Aren't you drooling yet??  *wink*

Mangaon ta!!! (Let's eat!!)


Up next in my blog  is the second day of our Fam Tour--a trip to Carcar; and to two more old Cebu churches and plus a visit to famous Cebu beach resort!!!

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