Patok Sa Manok launches baked goodies for Davaoeños

By ketchupthelatest - March 16, 2018


Patok Sa Manok
, Davao's original lechon manok/lechon kawali take-out counter takes Davaoeños to a whole new level of dining experience as it opened PSM Tulip Drive last month offering a bigger space and cozier ambiance for families and friends.

And as an added treat, it has just introduced the Bakery which serves mouth-watering cakes and pastries like Ensaymada (classic and premium), Dulce de Leche Choco, Ube Macapuno, Durian Chiffon Cake with Walnuts and Malagos chocolate frosting, Silvanas (Durian/classic variants), Cheese Bar, Cheese Roll, Oatmeal cookies and more.

They also serve freshly-baked Pan de sal 11am and 4pm daily.

PSM Tulip Drive bakery serves as the commissary for PSM Lanang and Rekado (a sister company).

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