Eshma Bautista-Dumama: A working mom who never compromises her style

By ketchupthelatest - August 25, 2018


Mornings are for bonding with Sky 
On Eshma: M&S Collection top & FlextFit jeggings 
“I used to be uber-stylish from head to toe,” said 30-year old Estefanie “Eshma” Bautista-Dumama. But all these changed when she took the roles of a politician, a wife and a mother. She may have adjusted to her life as a councilor on her second term, but taking the role of wife last year, and more recently, a mother to 5-month old Sky, is definitely something new to her.

“These days I always keep my fashion and time very flexible. It’s a challenging 24/7 thing with the three hats I’m wearing. I don’t have a routine. Plans and schedules can change in a heartbeat depending on my baby’s mood and needs. So, there is no "typical day" for me. Every day yields new challenges.”

How does she do it? Let’s get to know this multi-tasker.

My day starts… 
..focused on the baby. I bond with Sky from the time he wakes up until noon. In between his naps, I check emails and schedules, update work assignments and give instructions while taking my morning coffee. I’m at the office by 1PM and work over lunch, go to sessions. I check on Sky from time to time.

Juggling my schedule is… 
Not easy, but I do my best. I’m on my first year of being a hands-on mom. I want to witness my baby’s first words, first steps, and considering I’m also a public servant 24/7, schedules can get challenging.

 I’m active all day so it’s important to wear comfortable clothes that move with you. 

In politics, delegating work to a reliable team can make my job uncomplicated. But if it involves legislative matters, I personally take on the matter. 

I’m lucky to have a husband-politician, we both understand what is required of our jobs. But we make sure we go out on a regular dates and keep the romance alive. 

One word to describe my role as a..

Politician: strict
Wife: patient.
Mom: Loving.

Working moms should never compromise style. Looking food makes you feel good.
On Eshma: M&S Collection top & FlextFit jeggings 

“Me time” is… 
 Coffee time. The calibre of on-the-go moms. 
Me time is coffee time.
On Eshma: M&S Collection top & FlextFit jeggings.
My day to night look is… 
An oversized blazer, or a white button-down top and trousers, with light make-up. At night, I take off my blazer and accessorize. Eyes and lips take on a darker shade.

A button-down top is very convenient when you’re a breastfeeding mom. It’s easy for me to pump even at the office or inside the car while traveling enroute to work.

Flat sandals work best for me. It can take me from work to leisure at any time.
In my closet, you will find… 
Jeans, white tops, tailored oversized blazers, stylish cardigans, layered skirts, and wrap dresses.

My style has changed from very stylish—dark, fitted dresses and high heels, etc, to a more comfortable vintage look. I somehow developed this love for neutral-colored clothes.

When I shop… 
I shop a lot! More for the baby and home these days. Priorities have changed with my new roles.

But I still shop for myself. I do it online when days get busy. I also have personal shoppers abroad. If I get extra time, shopping is the No.1 that pops in my head. A quick visit to the mall de-stresses me. 

My rule is pants dictate the casualness of every outfit. I complete the look in that one store from top to footwear.

One of my favorite stores is… 
Marks & Spencer. I’m a second generation M&S shopper. I love the lingerie. I’m now a big fan of the FlexiFit underwear and pants. It moves with me. Perfect for my lifestyle as a multi-tasking woman active from day to night.

My fashions tip is… 
...more on a principle. Go with whatever style you’re into but be age appropriate. Most importantly, for moms with multiple tasks and are always on the go, never compromise your style! Always try to look good. Not enough sleep is no excuse for not looking your best.

When you look good, you’ll feel good and feel energized. Thus, we can accomplish anything even with few hours of sleep.   

Fashion: M&S Collection FlexiFit Innovations for Jeggings is available at the Marks & Spencer stores in Abreeza Mall & SM Lanang Premier
Photography: Brian Dexter Medija
Make-up & Styling: Otoy Mercado
Location: Seda Abreeza Hotel

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