My Polvoron Story

By ketchupthelatest - February 18, 2019


My version of Polvoron

Polvoron has been one of my favorite comfort food since I was a kid until now. My earliest memory of it was cooking sweetcorn which was given by our local Catholic churches and community chapels then I just added some sugar or sometimes with milk.. payts na! As in lipay kaayo ko every time muabot supply ni Mama sa sweetcorn.

So that was polvoron for me back in the day.

Then I learned to cook the real deal from scratch using the basic ingredients: flour, sugar, powdered milk and butter or margarine. Ingon pa sa akong uncle sa way pagdapig dapig , gamay na lng daw ang kulang makulbaan na dapat si Goldilocks. Ambot lng pud ug tinuod.. pero mahurot man pirmi akong luto sa una.

So yun, I still make it from time to time for my kids and family.. Most times though, I just sneak a small piece of Goldilocks classic polvoron (my favorite variant) being sold at 7-11 at 11 pesos to satisfy my cravings (free plug!).

And since it's been a while now, and medyo stress sa work lately.. I decided to leave my pc for a while and cooked a bowl of my favorite polvoron ala A-an. 

How about you? Got some memories about your favorite local delicacy, too?

Note: Polvoron is called 'shortbread' in other countries

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