My Unforgettable Road Trips to Wildberry Gardens

By ketchupthelatest - October 05, 2012

Two years ago, my family and friends had two-hour road trips (on separate occasions) to Wildberry Gardens. Our goal was to have a taste of the chilly Buda weather, nature's lush greenery and home-y ambiance. It was definitely a quick get away from sales cut-offs and month end reports.

Buda, a name coined from the words Bukidnon and Davao, is located at the edge of Davao City (approximately more than 60 kilometers from Davao), hence, it is the border before reaching the province of Bukidnon in Northern  part of Mindanao, Philippines.

On the road, passing through Marilog District

And since the area is elevated by several thousand feet above sea level, you will appreciate the cool and relaxing mountain air. Of course, kids were excited as we dropped off  from the car to get inside this haven of surprises from Mother Nature.

Mikkie and her Tita Maricris at the doorstep of this quaint little restaurant and garden, Nowhere Diner and Cafe & Wildberry Gardens

The Shot Gun Willlie ( their yummy version of Chili Con Carne)

It was an afternoon delight as we feasted on turrones de nangka and their own version of club sandwich. Their fresh passion fruit and strawberry fruitshakes were simply refreshing. My advise: if you wish to have lunch ready upon arrival, it is advised to call the owner an hour or two ahead of time. 

Poinsettias!!!! Simply Christmassy

Flowers grow abundantly in bright colors, thanks to Buda's rich and healthy soils

Wildberries nestled on the comfort of a tree branch

lush greens and herbs blend with the cool scent of pine trees

Praire cabins for those who wish to enjoy the place for a day or two
 with my D13 friends inside Nowhere Cafe's mini-bar cum coffee nook

And yeah, camera is indispensable, it is a must to take shots especially inside the cafe where the lights and vintage collection (from the owners' various travels abroad) are perfect for an unforgettable album. Special credits for my little Mikaela, she took all the shots of  flowers in this post.

For reservations and advanced food orders, call the Wildberry Gardens' owners Ma'am Thelma or Sir Jimmy @ 0916-4755-684.

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  1. It looks like you have lots of fun in that gardens...Pretty!

  2. wow, looks like a great place. :) sana makarating kami dyan sa part na yan someday. I've been to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon once and I love it. :) parang ang sarap nung turones de nangka and the juices are just perfect for the day of fun! :) visiting from Comment Exchange Activity of FBF, see you around. :)

    1. Definitely it's a refreshingly cool place, go try visiting this place sis, then you can proceed to Davao City, my hometown after =) Thanks for dropping by =)

  3. I've been to Buda several times and whenever I'm there, I just can't get enough of the beautiful scenery. Love it.

  4. I've been to Davao a few times but we haven't visited this place yet. I hope we can go visit the next time we fly there. :)

  5. 4,000 ft above sea level, naku ang lamig dyan,. Looking at your photos, I' pretty sure you have a great experience there.

  6. I would love to try the shotgun, but i better prepare a cold drink... hmmm.. better yet a beer :)

  7. what a great trip...and the food! yum....:)

  8. i'd love to taste their dinuguan. i think i said it wrong lols.

    anyways. thanks for sharing. sure is a nice place to relax.. :)

  9. Just heard about this place. It looks great and the dinuguan, ♥!

  10. I have often heard lovely things about Buda but never did I know till now that it's the combined names of Bukidnon and Davao. How dumb can I get? LOL! Sounds like a very enjoyable trip. Thanks for taking me there ;-)

  11. wow ka-nice! i really hope we could visit this place within the year :-)