'Twas A Kopiroti Visit

By ketchupthelatest - October 26, 2012

There is this coffee shop in town that I've known for years already. Kopiroti. I kept coming back for their nice cozy ambiance especially during rainy days and cold afternoons. I also love their bestseller, the Signature Kopi Bun. The bread is deliciously soft and has unique coffee flavor enriched with tasty butter filling. This goes perfectly well with another house specialty, Kopi, brewed in a distinctively Singaporean style, blended  with the goodness of sweet milk.

Their warm cozy branch in Davao City

Kopiroti began its operations in 1955 in Singapore and started opening its doors to Filipinos in 2005 with their Singaporean blend of coffee, baked goodies and specialty beverages. Judging from its growing  number of branches, totaling to 12 across the country, I can say that we have grown to love dining at Kopiroti, not only because of their great tasting food, but also because they serve them at a very reasonable price.

Inverted reflection of their glass wall

The Kopi

My favorite, Kopi Bun.  The others are simply whatever.

Kopi Jelly

yummy boneless Bangus, tomatoes, rice, sweet turon and boiled egg all for less than a hundred bucks burp!!!

The Corned beef set  ( not the commercially sold one from the can,  read: it's  a must-try!)

the colorful tote of my friend Lovely, who by the way took the meal photos (note:  not part of the menu, just caught my  eyes for a blogworthy shot). Check out her blog @ Journeys and Jot Downs
For queries and information, contact:


Jacinto Extension, Davao City
Tel. No.: (082)3016009


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  1. I haven't been to Kopiroti. But with these pictures I'll probably go and grab my Coffee and Kopi Bun. Thanks,Anna! :-)

  2. What I love best in this place are their rolls, yummy and of course the coffee....it is very accessible too.

  3. Wow, I love the fried boneless bangus! It's one of my favorite dish.

  4. wow! didn't know that kopi roti is also serving meals na. its been years since my last visit there! :)

  5. that kopi bun looks very interesting...I would love to try that one.

  6. The foods their offering sounds yummy. Meroon ba nito sa Manila?

  7. the bun...from the looks of it parang super soft na sya...i dont think meron dito sa Bacolod ng kopiroti..

  8. sounds like you enjoyed your coffee time there. i tried kopi roti once when we visited singapore. :) indeed, the bag looks lovely...love all the colors. :)

  9. oh another place in Davao City...this is very interesting to check out

  10. It's so great that they've got one in Davao.I want to try one soon ;-)

  11. Kopiroti, please do open a branch here in Mangagoy! :D