The Basic Personal Make Up Workshop By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani

By ketchupthelatest - November 20, 2012

Tools of the trade

It's such an irony that I've been using and wearing make up for years already and yet I haven't been to any formal classes on how to put them on. Good thing, Davao Bloggers were treated to an exclusive six-hour Basic Personal Make up Workshop By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani at the Yellow Hauz   the other  Saturday, November 10.

I was so looking forward to that day since I've a collection of make up pieces ( most are gifts from friends and relatives) in my little vanity bag and I needed an expert's advise on the proper way of applying them.

It was totally exciting to be able to learn the do's and dont's of make up application, and knowing the latest trends from the experts themselves. They generously shared us helpful tips about  make-up and skincare, and interestingly debugged beauty myths we thought were true. What made it more hands-on was that, Ryan and Noeh brought make-up samples for us to try on.

They specifically brought a wide array of Nyx Cosmetic samplers such as foundation, concealers, lipsticks, eye shadow pallets/sticks and more. Co-bloggers also shared their own tips and make-up/skincare brands that worked for them. 

One of the important learnings I had was to choose the perfect foundation and concealer that suits my skin tone as it is the basic step of make up application. As they say, it will make or break your over-all look. Also, achieving a stunning and gorgeous look doesn't mean you need to buy all-expensive make up, brushes, etc. (Although admittedly, a lotof  trusted make up brands don't really come cheap these days).

You need to be wise in choosing quality make-up ( brands that suit your skin and not giving you break-outs) , and those that match your facial features and tone.  If you are a smart buyer, you can have great make-up finds at very reasonable prices. Another tip that stuck in my mind was, INVEST in GOOD QUALITY MAKE-UP BRUSHES. No brainer, right? 

In a nutshell, it was truly a day for the girls who want to be pretty and feel pretty.  I would definitely want a part two of this.

Ryan sharing his expertise on make-up basics

Noeh giving us winning tips on make-up application

NYX Cosmetics, one of the brands Ryan and Noeh introduced to us

Me and my co-bloggers looking pretty **wink** after the workshop with Ryan and Noeh :)

And for you beauties (as Noeh and Ryan would lovingly say) who want to know more about make-up basics too, fret not, they are holding another session next month. Check the details below:

 The Basic Personal Make Up Workshop Batch 2 By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani
 Date:   December 01, 2012 (10am-4pm)
 Venue: H. Out Of Date Clothing Boutique, (beside The Brewery) Bo. Obrero Davao City
 Call/Text: 09232260518 / 09267106956 for more info.

You can also visit them here:

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  1. Thank you so much! xoxo

    So happy with all the blogs you guys did for us. xoxo

  2. It was such a pleasure too Noeh =)

  3. that would be a good deal to learn new skills especially make-up.I am not good at it and I need this kind of seminar.

  4. Happy for you! Knowing the basics,do's and dont's is better than just doing what you know is right.

  5. Wow, inggit much! I really would love to attend kaya lang birthday ng Papa ko that day.

  6. Just like other beauty experts say, be careful on what you put on your face. Anything that looks great on your friend, might not suit you. I'm planning to attend one of those short make-up course. Hope I'll find time for that.

  7. I really wish I could learn how to apply make up lol. The problem is that I am not into this kind of stuff.

  8. oh good for you.. me, I only watched on tv and then later in youtube the proper way of applying make-up, though I've been wearing it for as long as I can remember.. :)

  9. I like sessions like this, you'll learn a lot

  10. I'm not sure if I am having deja-vu moment but I remember commenting about Ryan Wong somewhere in the blogosphere :)

    First off, I like the template of your blog. It's so chic and lively.

    Ryan Wong, he looks very familiar. He can't be that guy who did my make-up and hair many years ago for my wedding... hmmmmm. Or is he?

  11. There is always room for improvement, so they say .And you are taking the right track.

  12. I've heard a lot of good reviews about NYX. I am so tempted to buy one but I've just shopped for some Maybelline goodies :-)

    I can see familiar faces in the photo. It's great that you bloggers were able to avail of this rare chance. Stay pretty! ;-)

  13. If I was still there, I would've gladly joined the session because I am one of the many who is in the dilemma of finding the perfect foundation that fits my skin tone.

    It's nice to know that they are holding such kind of basic tips for basic make -up application workshop

  14. such a great girls are looking fabulous!

  15. oh make up, a good tips from you to me, i never have idea about what to put next, but this i might have some learning

  16. this is great, its really nice to attend workshops...and something like this is one thing I want to attend someday! i bet you learned a lot, they sounds really great! lucky you to be there. :)

  17. I wore make up but geez sometimes it just doesn't look good on me, I mean I choose color that doesn't fit at all to me. Lucky you that you were able to attend such event.

  18. Hi ate! I had fun jud sa workshop. Noeh and Ryan are the best :)

  19. Oh my! How I wish I was able to join this workshop. I'm an amateur make-up junkie! :D

  20. Hi Guys,

    thanks for your inspiring words..

    Sis RiaC - thanks din, you may check out Ryan Wong's page here: to see if sha nga yun, it could be him!! Cheers =)