An Online Mom's First World Happiness: Tethering, Bluetooth and 3g Connection

By ketchupthelatest - May 23, 2013

Tethering and charging up at its best
See, I am travelling with hubby this week to his monthly out of town trip in Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). He works as a sales head for Mindanao for a construction supplier company. Going to CDO is a 6-hour travel by car from Davao City where we live. I am not actually part of this trip but I bugged him to tag me along so we can have bonding time together at least before the 'horrors' of the opening of classes in June present itself. Sorry for the pun but, I really need an extra time for myself and hubby; and extend the leisure time because when classes start, I'd have less sleeping hours and all that jazz --->  no-help-at-home, I-work-online-I'm-gonna-be-crazy-soon litany.

internet signal from Iphone to Macbook, size doesn't matter after all! (ignore the Naruto bookmark, lol, my son's!)
And since I need to bring work with me too, I brought my entourage of laptop, cable connectors, chargers and Iphone. And I just have my phone's USB connector for charging with the laptop as well to at least reduce weight on my belongings.

Around 3pm, we decided to have a brief stop in Malaybalay, Bukidnon for some snacks and pee-time. I noticed that my phone's battery was almost going empty, and since I didn't go out of the car, I just charged it using the laptop. Of course, naturally,when laptop's open, you couldn't help but browse online. I tried for the first time hooking my laptop to the internet using my Iphone's 3g connection. ( I used Globe 3g, hmmm free advert!) To do this, I went to general and cellular settings, and turned on the personal hotspot, and viola, I can surf and check my emails for work! And boy, it wasn't slow at all. I was able to open 3 tabs and Facebook too before we headed on the road again for Cagayan.

Ooops what a lovely password for a personal wifi hotspot!
When we arrived at the hotel, it was like the joke was on us, we were told by the front desk assistant that their Wifi connection is currently not available for some reason. And so my 3g connection was again put to work, good thing I subscribed to supersurf 50 of Globe, which allows unlimited internet browsing for one day. Very good deal, eh! I was able to use this up to the last centavo and I am glad I am able to finish my tasks for the day, as if I was just at home and blog about it as well.

How about you, have you tried using your phone as your router, too, while on travel?


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  1. i haven't tried using my phone as router, but would be really interested to know how. Paturo ako Ann :)

  2. Good to hear that you and your hubby will have time together although it's work-related... sharing moments together away from home is priceless and memorable.

    Technology surely makes our life easier and interesting!

  3. It's good to have an iPhone and a Mac together. They go hand-in-hand. I always use my hubby's iPhone connection to get wi-fi from remote places and on our travels. It's the perfect combo.

    Enjoy your quality time with the hubby. It makes a lot of difference to have a little time for the two of you before your schedule becomes manic.

    Ria C

  4. Enjoy your stay in my home town Sis :-) I miss CDO already even though I visited it last year with my daughter :-( I hope that your gadget will work in the hotel and also hope that their internet connection is back :-)

  5. We have a router at home and we use it to one of our PC in the bedroom. I'd like to learn how to use it in my lappy or iPad..

    It's great that you and your hubby get to share your day..

  6. I like that kind of job where you are able to travel...that's cool that you're tagging along with him.

    I haven't tried that before.

  7. It's nice when you knows technical stuff like that, I am horrible with hose kind of stuff lol.

  8. when i was there, i depended most of the time on wifi since it is so expensive if I use my cell's network, but so glad roaming wireless is so easy there with usb.

    by the way, Anna, wonder what GFC is? can you please let me know more? sorry, I am not good with short cuts.

  9. hi Betchai, Google Friend Connect po ;) thanks

  10. Sar, hope you are enjoying your Wifi connection from your Iphone now :)

  11. not on the road. We have a router at home. Yun lang ang alam ko . This 3g, I'm so alienated with this stuff. Eh ala kasi akong laptop.

  12. That's very good. I also love this hotspot connection. When my server at home is down, I can rely on this very well. No matter how many gadgets are connected to it, I'm glad that it still gives me a strong connection.

    Followed you in GFC too.

  13. Haven't tried it Mami Ana, but one of my friends did. Good for you at di ka naka skip ng work. :)

  14. ...I am glad you had a bonding time before classes start...smiling at how you described the coming school days because I too am imagining the horror of having the kids too busy with schoolwork and not much time to play and sleep again...I hate having to wake them up for school, I pity them each time they beg for more sleep...great thing I have my mom-in-law with me at home who helps me out with the chores and everything else when I am at work... I haven't tried using my phone as a router yet :) I am subscribed to globe's unlimited post paid surfing plan and gee I really should use it to the max then, thanks for this idea! there are several days left before classes start...have a blast :D
    ...love the clean, crisp lay-out of your page...and the "naruto," thingy made me smile too :)aaahhh kids, hehe :)

  15. I wonder if the same setup will work using an Android phone. Hmm. I'm going to do some experimentation then. Hehehe. Thanks for the idea.

  16. wow, that's great...nice to hear that you're satisfied with the service and how it works! i remember using my brother's phone as a router (he is in plan) when we visited Manila last year, he just turn it on and we were able to used it while on the road, it works really great for us. :) btw, glad that you and your hubby spend some time together, i hope you both had lovely time.

  17. Classes will soon start and I agree with the "horrors" you are referring to. My brother's family lives with us and they have two children. The day starts early for them and end quite late. I hope you enjoy yourself at CDO :)

    BTW, would you like us to be each others' follower?


  18. Hi Farida, yes indeed. I just followed ur blog =) Thanks

  19. Thanks Kulasa, I appreciate that you like my blog :) And to you guys for the comments :)