Pampering Myself With "My Skin Essentials"

By ketchupthelatest - May 20, 2013

Giving your skin the care it deserves
Like any typical girl, I am always open to try beauty products which promise to give my skin a radiant glow. But I am also wary of those that advertise an instant whiter skin or at least those which promise a fair skin after just a few uses. I've seen negative effects of these so-called "magic' creams, etc such as reddening and severe peeling off of the skin.

Worse, others would leave a trace of dark spots on the cheeks of the user after being exposed under the sun. It's pretty scary when users apply these type of products without proper knowledge on the correct application. Sometimes we tend to skip using sunscreen/or sunblock for skin protection. Other times, we also use the products not really suited for our skin types ; or we use one product that doesn't match the other skin product we also use, hence, the irritation.

Lately, organic and natural skin care products have started to come out in the market. And at this time too, people are beginning to be aware (and educated) that parabens and hydroquinone usually present in shampoos, soaps, skin lighteners and other cleansing products are dangerous chemicals that might cause cancer. This makes the job of nature and skin-friendly beauty companies easier as they go out of their way formulating beauty products sans these harmful chemicals.

One of which is my latest favorite,  My Skin Essentials. Its line of beauty essentials aim to nourish the skin while they work to correct skin imperfections like Melasma, skin pigmentation, dark spots and pimple marks. They have classified their products into 5 beauty sets: Ultra White Facial Set, Extreme White Underarm Set, Acne Perfecting Facial Set, Revitalizing Pink Glow Set and Ultra White Body Set.

These items are also sold individually for your convenience. I have been personally using the Ultra White Facial Set for a month now, and I am loving it. During the first few days of usage, it is normal to feel tolerable itch or sensation as your skin is still adjusting to the products but as days pass by, like what I've experienced, I noticed my skin was slightly peeling off and looked more radiant, exuding a pinkish glow. To have a good experience with My Skin Essentials, I also suggest to stop using other facial products altogether so as not to irritate your skin because different brands have different formulation which might "clash" and give a bad effect on you.

Feel free to follow their Facebook page: or better yet, visit or contact the them through these details:

My Skin Essentials Philippines
Door 2, 93 Jacinto Street, Davao City 800
Contact numbers:

 082 321 2533 (landline)
+63 943 363 7754 (mobile -SunCellular)
+63 908 233 9427 (mobile-Smart)


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  1. I have seen a lot of good review about My Skin lately. I would like to try their whitening soap bar.

  2. I know I am guilty of not pampering my skin :) I do pretty basic stuff only, such as cleansing using Cetaphil, and moisturizing, that's all :( I probably should do more since I am getting older :)

  3. this is something I would love to try...I must admit I am starting to age and the harsh elements in nature are starting to ruin my skin which is not that flawless in the first place hehe, so My Skin Essentials might truly help me :)

  4. you can never go wrong with natural and organic! I would love to try this product.

  5. I tried their night serum and it's really true, it stimulates cell renewal so I was afraid to use it on my whole face. I only tried it on my forehead for testing. I haven't use their other products like soap and creeam though.

  6. i wonder if i am good to try these products. i always tend to stick to one brand, medyo takot mag-experiment but with good feedback from real users maybe i'll get convinced. ;)

  7. I'm a big fan of My Skin's lotion! What I love about it is its fruity smell :) I haven't tried the creams pa ate..

  8. Ayayay, ladies talk na naman. Nevertheless, it is a good thing for a woman to pick one beauty products suits her.