Sushi Dito, Klasikos & Il Forno : Triple Dining Experience In One Roof

By ketchupthelatest - December 02, 2013

Great tasting Japanese, Filipino and Italian Cuisine : All in one roof

Your tummy wants to have a food feast but can't decide whether to go Japanese, Italian or dine at a Filipino resto instead? Here's an awesome deal for you: Enjoy these dishes at the same time in one sitting, in one of the latest addition to the growing number of dining places here in Davao City.

Located at Hai Global Bldg (fronting Landco building) along Pryce Business Park, J.P. Laurel Avenue, these three gastronimic eating havens housed in one cozy place: Sushi Dito, Klasikos and ilForno surely give you a wide variety of options to make your dining experience more diverse, reflecting your own food favorites from 3 distinct cultures.

There are some of the photos I took with my blogger friends during their food tasting last month:

cozy ambiance for that unforgettable dining experience

Yangchow fried rice

Sinigang na Baka


Selvatici (with mushroom)

Diablo (with shrimps)

Cremoso dip
Spaghetti Vongole

Yamata No Orochi

Ebi Gyoza
For inquiries, orders and delivery contact Sushi Dito at or call (+63) 0932-855-2555 or (082) 285-8168 (landline). Visit their homepage at and Facebook page:

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  1. Oh, Davao. I was supposed to ask where in the Philippines is this. I think that Davao is emerging with great restaurant. I always bump on restaurant posts in Davao. My husband loves sushi and I will try to remember this place (again, because as I said, I have read a couple which I also wanted to try). This is making me hungry!

  2. all in one treat, that is exactly what my sons look for a bistro whenever we dine out, they prefer to eat in a place where there could be a lot of food choices :)

  3. the ambiance of the place looks great and the foods looks great...must be a place to dine in with family and friends.

  4. I love the three cuisines. But all of them housed in one restaurant, I'm usually leery of the set-up. I like going to restos with a specific cuisine specialty.

    That said, if I'm forced to go in and dine, I'll take Japanese :-)

  5. looks all very yummy! its nice to come here with a lot of friends! and go food galore!

  6. Uh no, I like all the food but the best is the kinilaw. The place is so inviting and I'm sure if it is around the area I would love to dine in.

  7. Oh my! Your post made me miss kinilaw so much! I can dine in this place except for sushi, we usually don't eat japanese food as they are more on seafood and hubby's allergic to it, so I can go for IlForno and Klasikos! Yum!

  8. yummy, I love the kinilaw most of all, though the spaghetti vongole is inviting me too because of the clams :)

  9. THese are so yummy looking, makes me drool literally lol.

  10. The foods look so delish! It made me hungry just by looking at those pics. Very nice presentation too.

  11. Looks like a cozy place to dine in! I miss kinilaw a lot! Arghh nakakatakam! :D

  12. I think I have dined there one time yeah their food is great!

  13. OH em gee! I so love all of that! I'm gonna raid that place when I set foot again in Davao. That's a promise!!! I love Japs cuisines most especially but I'd love to devour the kinilaw. I am missing it! There's none like that here where I am at :-(

  14. I love resto serving different taste of rice like this. It makes me want to eat more.