Fancy A Facial? Let My Skin Essentials Facial and Skin Care Center Pamper You!

By ketchupthelatest - January 21, 2014

The word spa and massage are like magic words that perk up my face. For a busy woman like most of us, I always look forward to having a facial or massage together with my friends as a breather from mommy and work duties.

Everyone would sure agree with me that nothing beats the feeling of being pampered, just relaxing on soft and crisp white sheets of a spa bed, and forgetting all the cares in the world for at least a couple of hours.

So how would think I felt when I was given a complimentary facial courtesy of My Skin Facial and Skin Care Center? Heaven. And it wasn't just an ordinary facial that you experience in other spa centers. This one is called, Diamond Microdermabrasion Premium. Aside from diamond Microdermabrasion and facial, this package includes Collagen mask with Collagen infusion using Galvanic facial machine administered by their well-trained staff. A galvanic facial makes use of subtle electric currents of positive and negative ions to give you a refreshing experience while stimulates and rejuvenates the skin.

For me, a good facial such as this renews your energy to face another working day, making you even more productive. Come to think of it, if we feel good about ourselves, we can share more positivity to others. I definitely was happy to have this premium service from My Skin!

My Skin Facial and Skin Care Center offers Facial services, Diamond microdermabrasion, Body/specialized treatments (stretch marks/warts/Syringoma removal, eye collagen infusion, Milia extraction); and Waxing and Advanced services (Gluthatione, Placenta and Collagen injections)

My Skin Essentials Facial and Skin Care Center uses only natural skincare products from My Skin Essentials, Inc.
My Skin Essentials Facial and Skin Care Center's Waxing services
Good news!! My Skin offers special promotion for the month of January. Here are the mechanics:

Promo title: 4+1

Promo period: January 6 to 31, 2013


*Avail 4 sessions of any of our services (facial services, microdermabrasion and waxing services) and have 1 session for free

* 1 time payment for the 4 sessions

*promo redemption until June 30, 2014

*not valid with any other promos

For inquiries and appointment bookings, please contact  (082) 321-2533 or 09082339427

My Skin Essentials Skin and Facial Center
Door 2 #3 Jacinto Street, Davao City

To know more about My Skin Essentials' line of natural skin care products, you might want to read this post : Pampering Myself With My Skin Essentials

How about you, have you had your facial recently?

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  1. i love pampering my skin once in awhile, facials to body massage, well we moms need it for relaxation too :)

  2. oh dear, a great way to pamper yourself after all the stress and hardwork you did.

  3. Just WOW! :) I remember having getting some spa done and it feels relaxing. It's nice that they are offering a promotion, would have taken advantage of it if I was there. :D

  4. I would be in heaven if I pamper myself Sis :-) I never try wax before :-) I wonder if it hurts like needles :-)

  5. looks very relaxing, we all do need that pampering in ways we find more relaxing for us

  6. Whoa! I am envious! I wish I am willing to spend $250 for a pampering like this but I am not! :D

  7. hmmmm that sounds so relaxing! I still haven't had availed of such skin pampering! I would love to avail of their awesome offer! :)

  8. how awesome...looks like you had a fabulous experience...I wish I can pamper myself sometimes.

  9. Going to the spa is a must for me. Good thing my husband goes with me too, so it's double the fun. Men needs some pampering too :-)

    Lucky you, you can get deals like this one there.

  10. I have never done any pampering for my skin at a professional establishment before. LOoks really rejuvenating.

  11. I haven't tried facial skin care but if I do, It would be the first and I hope I will love it.. :D

  12. I am so green with envy!!!! I missed pampering myself! This reminds me that I need to so soon!

  13. I have never done any pampering for my skin at a professional establishment before. LOoks really rejuvenating.