Davao, the Bustling Metro of the South

By ketchupthelatest - April 23, 2014

My friend Kevin Olmedo of the Davao Reader shares this post about Davao...

Many things have been said about Davao City. Despite being the only metro city of the south, the “durian capital” has gained national, if not worldwide, recognition for being a model city with full implementation of laws against smoking, over-speeding and firecrackers, just to name a few. These are only some of the few things that makes the city noteworthy. Well, you also have to give credit to the tourist destinations like Samal Island which is just a 15-minute ferry ride from “Sasa”. 

Samal offers countless resorts and white sand beaches. Davao City in itself provides urban living with shopping destinations, spas, countless hotels, coffee shops and many more. Well if you like the night life, the city has a liquor ban from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM, last orders in bars are only accommodated until 12 midnight. When the clock strikes 2AM all people leave the bars like students ending their classes, literally! 

Nonetheless, you feel safe and could enjoy some hot congee or coffee after enjoying a drinking session with your friends. Don’t forget, the city has 911 Emergency Service. People would often joke that “911” is only available in three countries namely, United States, Canada and “the Republic of Davao City”. Call it what you may but people take pride, no other place in the Philippines has this emergency service.

If you are planning your next trip in the city, you might as well make an itinerary because tourist destinations are quite many. Book your trip ahead of time, my personal choice for a great accommodation is Villa Margarita Hotel which is just 20-30minute taxi ride from the Davao International Airport. There are quite a number of new hotels mushrooming in the city but I would say that Villa Margarita stands out from the rest because it’s been a hotel landmark ever since and services and staff are just nice and hospitable. 

Don’t forget to try Ranchero grill which is in Abreeza Mall just a 2 blocks down from VM Hotel. They serve mouth-watering baby back ribs and you can have a cup of coffee or chai tea in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after which is in Abreeza mall as well. For westerners, don’t worry Davao City already has 3 Starbucks shops one in Abreeza, another in SM Ecoland and one in SM Lanang Premiere. This means that you can get your favorite blends to your liking.

Your visit in the city need not be pricey as long as you do your research and planning ahead of time. You’ll discover that there are countless places you can visit with such warm-hearted people and well-disciplined city, you might be able to say that Davao City should have been the capital of the Philippines. More importantly, discover what the Durian Capital and the “Dabawenyos” has to offer because the city lives up to its motto, “Life is here”.

Davao Reader is an online magazine that offers the latest news about Davao. Davao City is a place teeming with life, great sceneries and development; undeniably one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Davao is also in the forefront of development in the island of Mindanao, socially, economically, politically, technologically among others Geologically the largest city in the world, in terms of land area, Davao is becoming a hub for  business, technology, learning and progressive policy implementation in the country.

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  1. It's one big city that there are so many different things a person can do.

  2. Oh, Davao! I've been longing to visit this city for a very long time.

  3. I have many friends that are from Davao but never get the chance to visit this beautiful city. I hope someday :-)

  4. one of the place in my bucket list..thanks for this info. makakapunta din ako dito.

  5. Wow that looks like a very luxurious hotel. Hopefully I could explore Davao someday with my family!

  6. Davao is a world class city. I've heard plenty of good reviews about this city in particular; its mayor, the great restaurants, nice parks and syempre the smiling ladies. Mag-visit din ako riyan

  7. Wow the bedroom looks so relaxing! Kaya lang super layo ng Davao from Cavite.

  8. Wow the bedroom looks so relaxing! Kaya lang super layo ng Davao from Cavite.

  9. I like that Davao even as a busy city, people adheres to city laws. ever thanks to your popular Mayor. Iron-fist ruling according to the grapevine, so long as he's abiding by the laws, and that his only goal is to make Davao City a premier city.