My Journey in Nepal: Day 1

By ketchupthelatest - May 01, 2014

It is my first time to be away from home to travel for 2 weeks. Normally, it would just be 3-4 days. I consider this is a special trip because it is not the typical destination people take for shopping and seeing fancy commercial districts. For me, it is the road less travelled to Nepal, a country situated between China and India. It's also my passport's first time to be stamped with a visa.

Air Asia passengers queuing to board the 450-seater aircraft bound to Kathmandu
First off, my friend Joy and I boarded an Air Asia flight to Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur. It was a four-hour flight, and it was an experience to be in inside a 450-seater airbus with mostly Indian and Nepalese passengers. 
                  my newly found friends at the plane from Chile                     

An airport built of rust-colored bricks that looked more like a museum greeted us when we landed 5pm at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal is behind by 2 hours and 15 mins so it was around 7pm Manila local time. After paying the visa and complying all the immigration requirements, our 9-day journey now officially begins!!!
Nepalese Visa: STAMPED :)
Upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu


When we arrived and dropped our luggages at a small hotel in Thamel, we proceeded to buy tour bus tickets for our trip the following morning. Although we were a bit tired from the flight, we were focused to follow our itinerary that would bring us to two famous towns in Nepal - Chitwan and Pokhara. We had to be at the tour bus terminal 7 in the morning which meant an early night for us. I'm so looking forward to this long bus travel to enjoy the beauty Nepal has to offer. I prepared my earphones and music playlist, so I know this is going to be one EPIC bus ride!

                      the bus that would bring me to Nepal's attractions                          
We had our first bus stop after 3 hours of treading the winding roads atop the very high mountains. You'd really be in awe seeing the towering heights everywhere. Just don't look below too see how shallow the road behind the cliff, lest you want a mini heart attack. After I emptied my bladder, I had a quick chat with other tourists.  We were the only Filipinos as most travellers were Europeans and Americans. There were a few Japanese, Chinese and Koreans as well. A lot of them were staying in Nepal for more than 2 weeks to 45 days to do trekking.
must have a solo photo, lol
chatting with tourists from France
                             Nepalese snacks at the local bus stop canteen                           
After another stop for lunch, we had to transfer to a small bus because we were headed for Chitwan, a six hour travel from Kathmandu, the capital city.

I'll be writing more about Chitwan, a small town where you can do various outdoor activities, in my next post! Watch out for it. :)

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  1. can't wait to read your next adventure :-)

  2. can't wait to read more about this adventure

  3. Galing naman sis, Nepal for your first international trip. tama ba ako.. Sige , I'll wait sa next post mo about this trip. Do add hundreds of photos.

  4. How nice! it's always nice to travel far away from our place and experience other country's culture and be bale to taste their food.

  5. oh, so excited for you, can't wait for the next posts regarding your adventure in Nepal. I am not into city and commercial trips, I am more inspired with nature and adventure trip.

  6. very nice travel blogpost! my husband is doing some business here too but never thought that it is very nice there.

  7. Looks like you had an amazing trip to Nepal :-) I always like bus trip. It is fun to check out road ans the views that awaits for your road trip :-)

  8. You have chosen a nice place to spend your vacation in. I am also interested to travel to places that are not "commercialized." I'd rather go to Bhutan, Kashmir, Iceland, Papua New Guinea, Saipan, US Virgin Islands, etc..and yes, Nepal. I am waiting for your next post.It must have been a trekker's paradise.