Beating Deadlines With Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

By ketchupthelatest - September 06, 2016

less cramming at work with Biscoff biscuits
As a stay-at-home working mom, I am used to juggling multiple tasks on a regular basis. It's not that I planned it, but the situation calls for it, and yes, I am loving the challenge. With no helper,  I do the basic chores at home and stuff for kids at school,  perform my tasks for my work as a virtual assistant and manage my small business online. Aside from that, I am also active with Davao Digital Influencers (DDI) a community of bloggers and social media practitioners here in the region. You can just imagine the mental havoc when deadlines/errands come all at once.

One of the consolation I give to myself when I feel that I am about to burst aside from having a good massage or mani/pedi at nearby spa, is by simply lounging around at home. I shut down my laptop and watch TV.  But, man, I can't do that all the time, unless I want to lose my job or lose the chance of making a sale in my online shop! I just pause for little while then make myself a good cup of green tea or coffee, or grab a glass of my favorite Guyabano juice.. set my drink aside, and continue the grind with my computer. 

Over the weekend, during the launch and acquaintance party of DDI, I was introduced to Europe's famous brand, Biscoff Lotus biscuits. I find it tasty and filling. So now, working is more exciting, literally, with an added 'crunch'. I can eat these crispy European cookies by itself and it also complements well with the drinks I mentioned above. For the food conscious, it is good to know that Biscoff caramelized biscuit has no artifical color or preservatives, it contains 0 grams trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol, has Non-GMO ingredients, no nuts and no animal by-products.

Hmmm, I guess there would be less cramming on my workspace while I've got my stock of Biscoff biscuits inside my drawer. 

How about you, would you like a bite? :D

A pose with Biscoff in my hand during the DDI Launch and Acquaintance Party

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