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By ketchupthelatest - September 20, 2016

A catchy hugot quote from a brownie box about "kilay" 
Some men will never understand why us girls think that our eyebrows or kilay mean serious business. But of course, it's because they define a women's (also men's) face, her mood and over-all appearance.

Here in Davao, that goal to achieve the perfect eyebrows do not stop. I recently attended a discussion with the people behind Beauty Reveal led by Kaye Garino, to help women get the look they had always wanted!
Beauty Reveal has partnered with other beauty experts in the industry such Permanent Makeup Ph, Eyebrow Embroidery Manila and Royal Vanity for bringing the trend and training here in Mindanao. They introduced the latest techniques for the lips and eyebrows which are using high-end U.S and UK approved products from BIOTOUCH, a trusted U.S brand of permanent makeup supplies.
Kaye Garino of Beauty Reveal as she shared her beauty expertise on eyebrows
If you are hesitant because you have sensitive skin, Ms. Garino vouched that their products and services are safe.
You can now be more proud of your lips and kilay and be confident enough to post  "i woke up like this"  and "wake up with make up" Instagram photos at the most reasonable price.

Moreover, you will feel safe knowing that you are not risking yourself to unsanitary and unknown brands.

Interested? Get prettified by permanent make up services of PERMANENT BEAUTIFUL by Kaye G. And if you want to have your eyebrows done or if you want to be trained on eyebrow stranding, or embroidery, feel free to contact Ms. Kaye at these numbers: 09163404048 / 09257701919

They are now accepting clients for: eyebrow embroidery in 3D and 6D, eyebrow shading and eyeliner embroidery, lipline plus full lips and more.

Bloggers/vloggers pose with Ms. Kay 

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