Palm oil talk with Jolly Claro Palm Olein

By ketchupthelatest - July 29, 2019

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Jolly Claro Palm Oil gathered bloggers from Davao City last week for an informative discussion about PALM OIL. 

Palm oil, among the different kinds of cooking oil in the market, is the widely used cooking oil in most Filipino homes and in Southeast Asia. As the name implies, palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit. 

Aside from being affordable, it also has a high smoke point suitable for high heat cooking. 
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And as one of the top palm oil brands in the country, JOLLY CLARO undergoes a unique 5-step process to meet high-quality standards. 

It is made from 100% pure palm olein. Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature while Palm olein is the liquid part of palm oil.

Three times refined and 2x filtered! That is why it is clearer and does not get rancid easily.
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